nanoblock®  Postcard

Fun-packed greeting card

Postcard with super-mini size nanoblock® which you can build cute animal.

Just send your greeting with the unique postcard!

nanoblock postcard

Amazingly small - Micro-Sized Building Block! -

nanoblock® is a revolutionary Japanese toy block, the smallest brick is just 4 x 4 x 5 mm in scale.

They were first introduced into the Japanese market in 2008 by Kawada Co., a toy company based in Tokyo, Japan.


In collaboration with Kawada and Muromachi Speed Print, a Japanese leading card shop, releases their

most popular card line with nanoblock® set included.


Contains and specifications...  


Block Dimensions : 4mm x 4mm x 5mm (the smallest brick)

Contains with nanoblock® building pieces

Includes detailed color instructions (original in Japanese) & spare blocks

Suitable for ages 12 +

Made in Japan

Available in three kinds of  postcard

Send a surprise gift and express appreciation to your friends and family with these unique nanoblock® cards!

Note: Please bear in mind that they are also more expensive to send than normal postcards. Take it to your local

           post office and ask about postage.

All products are subject to specific safety warnings;

  ● Not suitable for children under 12-year-old.

  ● Please keep away from children and pets not to accidentally swallow.

  ● Please be careful when you open the sticker of nanoblock, small component might be scattered.


  "Kingsfisher"  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


☆ present for you card "Kingfisher"


Front: "Present for you!"

Inside: nanoblocks to assemble a "Kingfisher with gift box" 


dimension (approx.)

  Card............ L 148mm x W 100mm x H 6 mm

  Kingfisher... L 65mm x W 60mm x H 55mm

material......... blocks- ABS

postcard with nanoblock "Kingfisher"

12,50 €




☆ present for you card "Cat"


Front: "Present for you"

Inside: nanoblocks to assemble a "Cat with gift box" 


dimension (approx.)

  Card....... L 148mm x W 100mm x H 6mm

  Cat......... L 50mm x W 45mm x H 30 mm

material... blocks- ABS

postcard with nanoblock "Cat"

12,50 €


  "Mallard and Duckling"  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


☆ message card "Mallard and Duckling"


Front: "To" "from"

Inside: nanoblocks to assemble a "Mallard carrying a gift box and Duckling" 


dimension (approx.)

  Card.......... L 100mm x W 148mm x H 6mm

  Mallard..... 60 mm

  Duckling... 30mm

material....... blocks- ABS

postcard with nanoblock "Mallard & Duckling"

12,50 €

* nanoblock® is registered trademarks of ©KAWADA

* Patent pending and application for trademark registration