New: Oribe green


🔸FUTAMONO 2-tired, Seto-yaki

Seto ware two-tiered small square serving dishes with a lid. With a beautiful Oribe green and hand-painted traditional pattern drawing by "tetsu-e" (iron painting).  

*"FUTAMONO" (蓋物) - Lidded pottery or receptacle

As the name implies, futamono (meaning “lidded dish”) or wanmono (meaning “Japanese bowl”), is a small dish or bowl with a lid.



🔸Chopsticks rests, SUSHI Plate - Kyoto/Kiyomizu-yaki

Handmade Kyo/Kiyomizu-yaki

Chopstick rests, set of 5, each with a different pattern.

Rectangular plate (approximately 24 cm x 12,5 cm), ideal for sushi, fish, etc., making it versatile. 

The traditional geometric patterns are painted with iron oxide pigments, a painting technique known as "sabi-e" or "tetsu-e.  


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