New item: Japanese Kitchen Knife

Seki-Magoroku Premium sereis "Damascus"

Kitchen knives that pursues sharpness, comfort and a functional beauty design have just arrived on wafuu-honpo online shop. 

The "Damascus Series" from Seki Magoroku Premium Line are feauturing multi-layered steel with a beautiful Damascus pattern that looks like ripples or wood grain. Kaijirushi's Damascus knives are reminiscent of the beautiful and sharp cut of a Japanese sword, and are highly regarded as a pioneer of Damascus knives in the market. 




5 blade types:


Santoku AE5200 / blade length  165 mm 

Gyuto     AE5205 / blade length  210 mm

Petty      AE5202 / blade length  120 mm

Nakiri     AE5206 / blade length  165 mm

Pankiri   AE5207 / blade length  240 mm


*All the knives has a double-sided edge