new item: Arita-yaki small plates, DENPEI Porcelain

 NEW !!

Arita "Mamezara" - tiny plates in beautiful form -


Gladly introducing the new mamezara-plates from Arita's tableware.

The five new items produced by DENPEI Kiln have a unique shape and brilliant colors. It's small, but has a substantial presence, which will be a decorative accent for your dinning table. All plates are hand crafted, hand painted and painstakingly kilned. Recommended using as a plate for soy sauce, seasoning, and also ideal for chopstick rest.


In addition, they are stackable neatly. The patterns and shapes are a regardless of the season, so it is useful for decorating and everyday use.
Why not collecting your favorite one for your stylish food presentation?

[Manufacturer] DENPEI Kiln, Arita/ Saga, Japan

5 items :

◆ mamezara set "Rabbit in Arabesque Kimono" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara set "Rabbit in Butterflies Kimono" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara "Triple Flowers"

◆ mamezara set "Kinto'un -Nimbus Clouds" (SET of 2)
◆ mamezara set "Oteshozara - Rose on Origami" (SET of 2)


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