OTSUKIMI "viewing the moon”


"Otsukimi" means "viewing the moon”, a seasonal festival to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful mid-September full moon and to feel the cool autumn breeze. “Mid-Autumn moon”, in English it is called “Harvest moon”. “Mid-September full moon” we especially call it as “Chushu no meigetsu”. In Japan, people decorate with “Susuki” (= silver grasses) and offer “Dango” (= rice dumplings) to the moon. It is said that silver grass can house a Shinto God, and acts as a charm against evil. People offer the rice dumplings in appreciation for the harvest of grains.


During Tsukimi season, we eat “Tsukimi-udon noodles” or “Tsukimi-soba (= buckwheat noodles)", with a raw egg on top, because the egg looks like a full moon. You know, in Japan, McDonalds sells Tsukimi burgerswhich have sunny-side up eggs in them !!


By the way, in Japan, it is said that there are rabbits on the moon. This is because the shape of the lunar crater looks like a rabbit pounding rice cake with a mortar and pestle. In China, it is said that the rabbit is pounding the elixir of life. In Arabia, it is said that there are lions on the moon.

What can you see in the moon in Germany?