New item: USUHARI glass


Less than 1mm thinness

A pair of blown glasses called “USUHARI” in wooden box is each carefully hand crafted by master craftsmen in Tokyo, Japan. They are born from same techniques as making the electric light bulbs. 💡


At the first glance, these seem like any normal glass but, they are super thin body all around. These appear to be extremely delicate but it can be handled with usual care as other glassware. “USU” means “thin” and “HARI” means “glass” in Japanese.


The interface between the glass and mouth has been minimized, resulting in an exquisitely fine mouthfeel.


While they appear to be delicate, they can be handled with the usual care of other glassware. 



* volume: 350 ml, 2 pcs set

* in wooden box, ideal for premium gift.


* Great for medium to heavy bodied red wine, and also usuhari glasses are suitable as your every day water glasses & also for beer/cocktails. 

New item: Mt.FUJI glass


The artisan glass showcases a Japan's most highest mountain "Fuji" in the base. The Mt. Fuji reflects the color of whatever you're drinking.

Suitable for whisky, wine, shōchu, as well as milk, iced tea, fruits juice and any other drinks. Enjoy a drink in a luxurious glass overlooking a world heritage site Mt. Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan.!


Two size variations: 

 270 ml glass for whisky, cocktails

 90 ml smaller glass as a sake or shot glass.

image by Tajima Glass
image by Tajima Glass

All Mt. Fuji glasses are handmade by skilled craftsmen by Tajima Glass in Japan. Each glass is also part of Tajima's "Edo Glass" range, manually blown with a blowpipe and shaped for one by one, adding to the traditional feel. 

New item: Incense "Somei Yoshino"


Somei Yoshino そめい吉野 - cherry tree

Incense with a touch of Japonisme



In Tokyo, the cherry blossom season is almost over, but just in time for the cherry blossom season in Germany!!?



This new incense is also from YOU-YOU-ANG.

The scent of Somei-Yoshino cherry are trapped in the incense. Savor the joy of spring time, when young and old alike feel the allure of the outdoors, with the sweet, gentle scent of cherry blossoms.


*40 sticks in a wooden box, and  a lovely natural cherry branch is tied to the package."

New item: Incense "Setsugekka"


Setsugekka 雪月花 - snow, moon, flowers -

Incense with a touch of Japonisme

The another new item from YOU-YOU-ANG!


The "SETSUGEKKA" series is a set of a simple incense stand and incense sticks with a scent inspired by "Snow, Moon and Flowers", the motif which is often use in Japanese painting and expresses beauty of four seasons.  


The original of the poetic Japanese painting "Snow, Moon, Flower" on the package comes from a hanging scroll trilogy by "Sakai Hoitsu", who is known as the patriarch of the Edo Rinpa school. The masterpiece of the three paintings are currently in the collection of the MOA Museum of Art in Shizuoka Prefecture.




No. 1) HANA flower, pink

No. 2) TSUKI moon, beige

No. 3) YUKI snow, blue - sorry, currently not available


New item: Fragrance Greeting card "Ichi-Rin-Koh"


Ichi-Rin-Koh 一輪香

Send your message with incense fragrance!

The new typed greeting card by YOU-YOU-ANG, a creative handmade incense manufacturer in Gunma, Japan.

The novel and cute set of greeting card with incense sticks seems like a lovely single flower in a glass bottle! 

SET includes of 8 short incense sticks, an incense stick stand, a message card, and an envelope.


Three Flower design: 

 1) POPPY - "Thank you" 

 2) CALLA LILY - "感謝を込めて" ("as gratitude for"/ "Mit Dankbarkeit")

 3) HYDRANGEA - "また会いましょう" ("Let's meet again!"/ "Sehen uns Wieder!")

New item: NATSUME Tea caddy



Echizen lacquerware

A basic medium-sized Matcha tea caddy from Echizen Shikki, Fukui Prefecture, which is a major producing area of lacquer ware in Japan.


Four designs are available: 

  "Take" - Bamboo

  "Mizuguruma" - Water Wheel

  "Hisago" - Calabash

  ”Kodaiji” - Makie-pattern


* Including inner lid

* Take and Hisago has a gold rim.

New item: Water Cooling Pitcher (YUZAMASHI)



Japanese water cooling pitchers, called "yuzamashi", are used to lower the temperature of freshly-heated water before using the water to steep tea leaves. The idea is that after water is heated, it is poured first into the yuzamashi, and then from the yuzamashi it is poured onto the tea leaves in a teapot. Yuzamashi are especially helpful when preparing Matcha, Gyokuro and Sencha tea, which require a cooler water temperature for steeping.


This water cooling pitcher is handcrafted from natural clay by the well-known Gyokko Studio in Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture). It is partly covered with a flowing ash glaze around the top of the body. The result of glazing pattern makes for a unique appearance and adds texture interest. 



New item: Kutani ware Sake set "koume"

Premium sake serving set with a delicate plum blossom design by Hand painted in Kutani.



Restocking item: Tea cup with saucer "sakura" BLUE


YUNOMI Japanese tea cup with saucer

Cherry blossom in BLUE  is now on SHOP!


With a large capacity 220 ml cup, it can also be used as a dessert bowl. 

A texture is glossier than pink sakura cup. Recommended for use in pairs!


Restocking item: Japanese Teapot - Tokoname ware


The traditional Kyusu-Japanese teapot handmade by the famed Studio in Tokoname (Aichi prefecture).

With a built-in ceramic strainer.

Material of the natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) from Tokoname region has particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide. 

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.

            "Shudei Marugata"                                 "Kokudei-cut Hiramaru"                        "Nerikomi-cut white"

               by Gyokko 玉光                                                by Hōryu 宝龍                                   by Tōsen 陶仙                          
                      280 ml                                                           270 ml                                                   280 ml

                   ☞ SHOP                                                        ☞ SHOP                                                   ☞ SHOP

New item: KAI Seki-Magoroku Knife Sharpener


The Kai Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener sharpens knives quickly and easily with a simple 3-step process. 

For Double Edged Blade Only!



Slot 1: for rough sharpening 

      Contains a diamond-coated surface for rough sharpening


Slot 2: for edge refinement 

      Contains two ceramic discs to align the edge


Slot 3: for edge finishing 

      Contains two ceramic rods for finer finishing

Restocking items: Bento Box


New item: Japanese Rice Bowl "FUJIYAMA"


A Japanese rice bowl with the image of Mt. Fuji.

The rice bowl placed upside down looks like Mt. Fuji with a snow-capped crater.

Handmade, Mino ware, Japan.



Restocking item: Incense Stick Holder, Mino ware

 Restocked !!

Incense stick holder "asumi" with a retro-modern relief. Elegant shiny glass- brown grazed, Mino ware, Japan.

Long size are available on wafuu-honpo online shop.

"LONG" 26,5 cm

"SHORT" 20 cm Restocking in progress...

Restocking item: Ikkanjin series


一閑人"Ikkanjin" series

Yunomi Tea cups and Rice bowls, red & blue Ikkanjin are now on stock again!


New item: Japanese Kitchen Knife - Seki Magoroku

* AE5251 Petty Blade length 120 mm

Seki-Magoroku Premium sereis "10000CL"

An elegant knife has been newly added to the Seki Magoroku Premium Line, which is reminiscent of the beautiful sharp cuts of Japanese swords.


The "10000CL Composite" series features lines flowing over the blade and natural colored wooden handles.

The blade is combined with different types of steel. This composite joint technology is known to be used in the construction of aircraft. The cutting core uses Japanese high grade carbon steel "Cobalt Special", making it a popular model with high cost performance.




3 blade types:


Gyuto    AE5255 / blade length  180 mm


Nakiri     AE5257 / blade length  165 mm


Petty      AE5251 / blade length  120 mm


*All the knives have a double-sided edge.

New item: small plate set - Kutani ware



A set of small plate "Rabbits" from Kutani-yaki ware has just arrived at our Shop.


Each plate is hand-painted one by one, and rabbits have different expressions. For everyday use with your family, or as special tableware for Easter!



Diameter approx. 13,5 cm

Height approx. 2,5 cm



New item: Japanese Teapot - Tokoname ware



The traditional Kyusu-Japanese teapot handmade by the famed Studio in Tokoname (Aichi prefecture).

With a built-in ceramic strainer.

Material of the natural clay (Japanese: Shudei 朱泥) from Tokoname region has particularly enriched with natural iron-oxide. 

* It is said that any astringency and bitterness found in Japanese green teas are adjusted by the reaction of the iron contained in Tokoname ware's red mud with the tannin of the tea, resulting in a delicious and mellow taste.

            "Shudei Marugata"                                 "Kokudei-cut Hiramaru"                        "Nerikomi-cut white"

               by Gyokko 玉光                                                by Hōryu 宝龍                                   by Tōsen 陶仙                          
                      280 ml                                                           270 ml                                                   280 ml

                   ☞ SHOP                                                        ☞ SHOP                                                   ☞ SHOP

New item: Tea incense burner - Teeräuchergefäß




Incense burner for enjoying the "aromatic scent" of TEA LEAVES. Made of high quality Tokoname ceramic.


【 How to use 】 

・Apply the appropriate amount of tea leaves in the top plate. 

・Light the candle set in the holder. Place them in the center of the incense burner, and roast the tea leaves from the bottom.

・After a while (15 - 30 minutes), the fragrant aroma of the roasted tea leaves will gradually emerge.

 *Do not touch the surface while the candle is lit during use.


【Gebrauchsanweisung 】

・Geben Sie die entsprechende Menge an Teeblättern in die oberen Teller. 

・Die Teelichter im Kerzenhalter anzünden. Stellen Sie sie in die Mitte des Räuchergefäßes, und rösten Sie die Teeblätter von unten.

・Nach einer Weile (15-30 Minuten) wird das duftende Aroma der gerösteten Teeblättern allmählich aufkommen.  

*Berühren Sie den Behälter während des Gebrauchs nicht mit den Händen. 



New item: Tea cup with saucer - Teetasse mit Unterteller



YUNOMI Japanese tea cup with saucer

MINO-yaki ware, 220 ml, Cup & Saucer both made of Mino-pottery. 


New item: Tea cup with lid - Teetasse mit Deckel



YUNOMI Japanese tea cup with Lid, small dwarf "Ikkanjin"

New model addition to "IKKANJIN" series!


New item: Rice bowl - Reisschüssel


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -


Arabesque Rice bowl "Tako-Karakusa"

Hand-painted Aritayaki porcelain, Japan

Japanese rice bowl with a bright blue and green/red arabesque pattern.

The traditional "Tako-Karakusa" pattern is hand-painted by Arita craftsmen in a bold and delicate way using the "Dami" technique.

The shape of the beveled polyhedron is very easy to use.


Rice bowl with a small dwarf "Ikkanjin"

Hasami porcelain, indigo blue, with a small lucky dwarf

Rice bowl with a traditional Japanese pattern in chic indigo blue.

Even more unusual is the "Ikkanjin doll", which is firmly attached to the side of the bowl.

("Ichi-kan-jin, 一 閑人" = a happy person who can roam freely as he likes, without being tied to the world ...)


The magnificent patterns are very auspicious and classic:

floral birds (kacho), blue sea waves (seigaiha), and plum in a hexagon (kikkou-ume)


New item: flower vase - Kutani ware


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -



               "Ginsai blue, Cranes"                                "Kasumisou" yellow                               "Yoshinoyama Rabbits"

                        H. 16,5 cm                                                    H. 17 cm                                                    H. 24 cm

                           ☞ SHOP                                                                 ☞ SHOP                                                              ☞ SHOP

New model: Furoshiki 70cm "Hare-Tsutsumi"


NEW!!    - A new addition to the 70cm Furoshiki line -


Soft shantung cotton FUROSHIKI with auspicious motif in two-tone colors

"Hare" means celebration and "tsutsumi" is to wrapping in Japanese. So, is the "Hare-Tsutsumi Furoshiki" perfect for special occasions, auspicious days, day to celebrate, and to convey your "congratulations" feeling.


Two models are available;

* The red and white color combination with "karakusa" arabesque pattern

* “ichimatsu" checkered pattern in navy and white modulation



New model: Furoshiki 48cm "COCHAE" series


NEW!!    - A new addition to the 48cm Furoshiki line -


It is a very unique and cute cotton furoshiki. You can enjoy multiple patterns from a single furoshiki. 

The 48 cm, perfect size for wrapping your Bento lunch box.


Three types are available: 

"Tokyo" and "Kyoto": 

The local fun furoshiki series, covered with four large main motifs and smaller related motifs scattered in the background. 



It's a lucky furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with four different traditional beckoning cats printed on it.



New item: flower vase (small) - Kutani ware -


NEW!!    - A new addition to the Kutani vase line -



Traditional Japanese bucket shaped flower vase "White Peony".

The 19 cm height vase is the art work by Kutani painting artisan "Harako Mamoru" (Mansaku Studio).





The small bud vase "Gold leaf on Mountains" measuring 10,5 cm in height is beautifully applied gold leaf from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Its irregularly hexagonal shape is simple and unique. 


Happy New Year!


May your 2021 be filled with love and happiness!



Wir möchten Ihnen ganz von Herzen ein glückliches und schönes Jahr 2021 wünschen!


謹んで新春のお慶びを申し上げます。本年も の和風本舗を宜しくお願い致します。



The year of 2021 is associated with great hope... 

We wish you that you look to the future with full confidence, also, good health & good luck!

In wafuu-honpo online shop, we're ready to ship all items and have a plan importing new items from Japan as usual. You can find the new product's information in this blog page.

Have a great start into the new year 2021!!

wafuu-honpo online-shop



2021 is year of the OX!

Years of the ox include 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009.

The ox occupies the 2nd position in the zodiac, after the Rat, and before the Tiger.