New item: Tea cup with lid - Teetasse mit Deckel


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -



YUNOMI Japanese tea cup with Lid, small dwarf "Ikkanjin"

New model addition to "IKKANJIN" series!


New item: Rice bowl - Reiceschüssel


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -



Arabesque Rice bowl "Tako-Karakusa"

Hand-painted Aritayaki porcelain, Japan

Japanese rice bowl with a bright blue and green/red arabesque pattern.

The traditional "Tako-Karakusa" pattern is hand-painted by Arita craftsmen in a bold and delicate way using the "Dami" technique.

The shape of the beveled polyhedron is very easy to use.


Rice bowl with a small dwarf "Ikkanjin"

Hasami porcelain, indigo blue, with a small lucky dwarf

Rice bowl with a traditional Japanese pattern in chic indigo blue.

Even more unusual is the "Ikkanjin doll", which is firmly attached to the side of the bowl.

("Ichi-kan-jin, 一 閑人" = a happy person who can roam freely as he likes, without being tied to the world ...)


The magnificent patterns are very auspicious and classic:

floral birds (kacho), blue sea waves (seigaiha), and plum in a hexagon (kikkou-ume)


New item: flower vase - Kutani ware


NEW!!    - new addition to the Kutani vase line -



               "Ginsai blue, Cranes"                                "Kasumisou" yellow                               "Yoshinoyama Rabbits"

                        H. 16,5 cm                                                    H. 17 cm                                                    H. 24 cm

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New model: Furoshiki 70cm "Hare-Tsutsumi"


NEW!!    - A new addition to the 70cm Furoshiki line -


Soft shantung cotton FUROSHIKI with auspicious motif in two-tone colors

"Hare" means celebration and "tsutsumi" is to wrapping in Japanese. So, is the "Hare-Tsutsumi Furoshiki" perfect for special occasions, auspicious days, day to celebrate, and to convey your "congratulations" feeling.


Two models are available;

* The red and white color combination with "karakusa" arabesque pattern

* “ichimatsu" checkered pattern in navy and white modulation



New model: Furoshiki 48cm "COCHAE" series


NEW!!    - A new addition to the 48cm Furoshiki line -


It is a very unique and cute cotton furoshiki. You can enjoy multiple patterns from a single furoshiki. 

The 48 cm, perfect size for wrapping your Bento lunch box.


Three types are available: 

"Tokyo" and "Kyoto": 

The local fun furoshiki series, covered with four large main motifs and smaller related motifs scattered in the background. 



It's a lucky furoshiki (wrapping cloth) with four different traditional beckoning cats printed on it.



New item: flower vase (small) - Kutani ware -


NEW!!    - A new addition to the Kutani vase line -



Traditional Japanese bucket shaped flower vase "White Peony".

The 19 cm height vase is the art work by Kutani painting artisan "Harako Mamoru" (Mansaku Studio).





The small bud vase "Gold leaf on Mountains" measuring 10,5 cm in height is beautifully applied gold leaf from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Its irregularly hexagonal shape is simple and unique. 


Happy New Year!


May your 2021 be filled with love and happiness!



Wir möchten Ihnen ganz von Herzen ein glückliches und schönes Jahr 2021 wünschen!


謹んで新春のお慶びを申し上げます。本年も の和風本舗を宜しくお願い致します。



The year of 2021 is associated with great hope... 

We wish you that you look to the future with full confidence, also, good health & good luck!

In wafuu-honpo online shop, we're ready to ship all items and have a plan importing new items from Japan as usual. You can find the new product's information in this blog page.

Have a great start into the new year 2021!!

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2021 is year of the OX!

Years of the ox include 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009.

The ox occupies the 2nd position in the zodiac, after the Rat, and before the Tiger.