new item: Bento Box & Accessories

 NEW !!

🔸Bento Box

Our new products, the Bento Boxes are a sturdy, easy to clean food transport item made of high quality plastic.

Available in single-tier or two-tier containers in a variety of colors for small to large capacities. Find one that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

And take them with you wherever you go - eating at home, at the office, or camping. Have a great lunch time!


🔸Chopstick carrying case

Beautiful and ingenious Japanese chopstick cases comes with traditional natural wooden chopstick. 

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🔸Cutlery Set

We also have a uniquely Japanese cutlery set with chopstick, a spoon, and a fork that fit perfectly in an elegant case.

Entirely made in Japan, produced in collaboration with Japanese manufacturers from three regions that are famous for their respective craft.

● Wooden chopsticks —  from Wakasa, Fukui prefecture

● Stainless steel spoon and fork —  from Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture

● Case —  from Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture

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