In Japan, the tenth month of the old Japanese calendar is  "KANNAZUKI".

Kannazuki means the month when there are no Gods. In Shinto tradition it was said that the 8 million Gods of all over Japan left their shrines in October every year and congregated at IZUMO-Taisha, a famous shrine in Izumo province, a part of Shimane prefecture in present days. The people calls October as "KAMIARIZUKI" in Izumo province, mean the month when there are Gods. There are no Gods in the rest of country. 


We hope that the Gods will decide not to give Japan further natural disasters in this year. Because we already had heavy natural disasters like large-scale landslide in Hiroshima, eruption of ONTAKE-SAN (mount Ontake) or big typhoons that unfortunately gave many sufferers in this year.