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Each of our matcha utensils combines style with function and is essential for the preparation of ceremonial grade matcha.


* Natsume Tea cady (black, red)                                * Tea scoop                       * Tea whisk                 * Tea whisk holder         

 * Kobukusa                            * Kaishi                                 * Kaishi holder (pink, yellow)

⭐棗 Natsume: Tea Caddy - Behälter

Pattern of "hana-ikada" Photo by kodaiji temple
Pattern of "hana-ikada" Photo by kodaiji temple

Green tea powder is usually kept in small lacquered boxes called "Natsume (棗)", or ceramic container for only thick tea called "Chaire (茶入れ)". Therefore, the Tea Caddy is one of basic tool for a tea ceremony. 


Material of the Natsume is plastic, artificial wood or natural wood, and comes in a variety of types, ranging from basic lacquered ones for practice to the luxurious gold-dusted maki-e lacquering that could be considered collector's item. As with all teaware, the price range is very wide. Normally, the Natsume is decorated with a predetermined classic pattern, such as flowers, holding fans, waves, family crests and floating raft. 





☆Natsume - Tea caddy - Teebehälter

Japanese "Chū-Nastume" (中棗), a basic middle size of tea caddy for storing matcha at the tea ceremony, or simply for decoration. Made of pressed wood (wood : 55 %) for easy care.


Japanisches "Chū-Nastume" (中棗) ist eine mittelgroße Teedose zum Aufbewahrung des Matcha-Teepulver bei der Teezeremonie, oder auch einfach zur Dekoration. Die Ornamente auf dem Deckel sind traditionelle japanische Motive: "hana-ikada". Aus pflegeleichtem gepresstem Holz (Holz: 55%). 


【color variation】        1) black - Sold out / Ausverkauft   
                                          2) red

【design】                      "hana-ikada" maple and floating raft 

【size / Maße】              Φ 6,7 cm, H. 6,7 cm, ca. 70 g                                           
【material / Material】  wood (55%) plastic (45%) / Holz (55%), Kunststoff (45%)

【Lack / Lackierung】    Urethan lack / Pflegeleichter Lack auf Urethan-Basis

【origin / Herkunft】       Yamanaka, ishikawa, Japan

【packaging / Verpackung】Paperbox

↓ select a color

NATSUME tea caddy

18,50 €

⭐茶杓 Chashaku: tea scoop - Teelöffel

Traditional Matcha set would not be complete without a Chashaku.

Original Japanese bamboo scoop “Chashaku”, which elegant shape is specifically designed to measure the correct amount of matcha powder and transfer it to a tea bowl. We believe the scoop accomplishes the task far better than a teaspoon and is therefore an essential utensil for the preparation of ceremonial grade matcha.

One chashaku scoopful of matcha powder equates to roughly 1 gram. Two scoopfuls equate to a standard serving amount for Usucha style brewing. Most standard chashaku are made of white bamboo. Design-wise, they are made of one narrow piece carved along the vertical growth of the bamboo. True tea masters in Japan are known to carve it their own. The chashaku is a work of art and enhances your Matcha experience.


☆Chashaku - Tea scoop - Tee-Schöpflöffel

Chashaku, a classic flat matcha spoon made of bamboo. Special shape for the perfect dosage of matcha powder. Handcrafted in Nara Prefecture.


Chashaku, ein klassischer flacher Matcha-Schöpflöffel aus Bambus. Besondere Form zum perfekten Dosieren von Matcha Pulver. Handgefertigt in Nara Prefekture.


【length / Lange】        ca. 18 cm 

【material / Material】 Bamboo / Bambus

【origin / Herkunft】        Nara, Japan 


*Dimensions may vary slightly due to being handcrafted. 

*Maße kann aufgrund der Herstellung von Hand leicht variieren. 

Tea Scoop

8,85 €

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⭐茶筅 Chasen: Tea whisk - Tee Quirl

Bamboo tea whisk, formally known as chasen, is one of the most important utensils you will need for making matcha. By tradition, it is hand crafted from a single piece of bamboo, and will have around 100 prongs. These prongs are soft and pliable when wet.


The matcha should be whisked in a zig-zag motion, avoiding contact with the bowl, to ensure the powder is mixed and that a consistent lather is created. There are various types of chasen available, with key differences being the number of prongs & size of the chasen.  More expensive chasens are often smoke treated (darker color) and these are used in traditional tea ceremonies. Generally speaking, and for everyday use, a basic chasen will be perfect.


How long will it last? 

The life of a chasen is fairly short. In the traditional tea ceremony, it is recommended to use a new chasen on each time! This is based on the proverb of Ichigoichie (一期一会), which means that only one opportunity exists for one meeting. However, for casual tea drinkers like ourselves, it is much more economical to reuse. But when it is time to finally retire your whisk?
Once the prongs start showing signs of damage is usually a good indication that your chasen needs replaced.

*sample image
*sample image

The chasen will show signs of wear and tear.
The chasenk in the left has never been used, the one on the center has been used only a few times, and the one on the right has been heavily used. (*It’s important to note that the picture illustrates the typical image of a whisk damages.)


*Chasen holder - Quirlhalter
*Chasen holder - Quirlhalter
To increase the life of your chasen:

 ● Before first use, soak in warm water.
 ● Check your chasen prior to each use for broken or damaged prongs.
 ● Clean it after each use (no detergent), just whisk in warm water or run under the tap.
 ● Allow your chasen to dry on a chasen holder or rest upside down to prevent mold. - - - - ->

* The plastic case coming with product is just for delivery tool before use. Do not keep a damp Chasen in the case after being washed. (*A damp Chasen can attract mold growth.)


☆Chasen - Matcha whisk - Matcha Quirl (100 Pondate)

The most basic shape of bamboo whisk for the preparation of matcha. Hand crafted, out of one bamboo piece, split into 100 prongs.   


Basic Form von Bambusquirl für die Zubereitung von Matcha. Handgefertigt aus einem Stück Bambus, gespalten in 100 Streben.


【origin / Herkunft】  Japan (Bamboo from Vietnam)

                                           Bambus aus Vietnam, Handgefertigt in Japan
【size / Maße】           Φ 3,5 cm (handle / Griff) x H. 10, 7 cm. ca. 17 g
【material / Material】  bamboo / Bambus

【packaging / Verpackung】 plastic case / Kunststofbox (Φ 6 cm x H. 11,5 cm)


*Dimensions and weight may vary slightly due to being handcrafted. 

*Maße und Gewicht kann aufgrund der Herstellung von Hand leicht variieren.

Matcha whisk

34,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

⭐茶筅立て: whisk holder - Teequirlständer

With repeated use, a bamboo whisk will naturally lose its curved shape. This ceramic stand known as "Kuse-Naoshi くせ直し" or "Chasen-Tate 茶筅立て" is ideal for keeping your bamboo tea whisk in its original curved shape and helping prevent mold.
We highly recommend you using the tea whisk holder for maintenance to extend its life.


👈 After draining off the excess water from your bamboo whisk, place it on the whisk holder.


☆Tea whisk holder - Quirlständer

This ceramic holder is one of useful accessory for maintenance of your bamboo tea whisk. Place your bamboo tea whisk on the whisk holder after every washing for keeping good shape. Suitable for the classic type of tea whisk.


Keramikständer zur Erhaltung der Form Ihres Quirls. Ein praktisches Zubehör für die Wartung und Aufbewahrung ihres Bambus-Teequirls. Nach jedem Waschen den Teequirl einfach auf den Halter einsetzen. Geeignet für alle klassische Art von Teebesen.


【size(approx.) / Maße(ca.)】 Φ 6 cm (maximal), H. 7 cm, ca. 72 g

【color / Farbe】                       light green / hellgrün

【material / Material】         Keramik (light blue glaze) / ceramic (hellblau glasiert)

【packaging / Verpackung】  boxed / Pappkarton

【origin / Herkunft】             Japan


*Dishwasher not safe

*Geschirspüler nich geeignet


7,90 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

⭐古帛紗 Kobukusa: Wiping cloth - Wischtuch

Kobukusa is a double-layered silk cloth approximately 15-16 cm square.

Its structure is similar to that of the cloth called Fukusa, but unlike it, it is generally more rich and thick brocaded and patterned fabric. It is used for the symbolic cleansing of the tea scoop and tea caddy, and to handle hot kettle or pot lids. If wearing kimono, you carry tucking it into the Obi-belt of the Kimono.



The kobukusa is sometimes used by guests to protect the Matcha bowl whilst appreciating it. Depending on the school, the host may put one out with the tea. By tradition, there are different colors, for men (usually purple) and women (orange or red), for people of different ages or skill levels, for different ceremonies and for different schools.  


       Nr.1) Red                Nr.2) Pink-A            Nr.3) Pink-B            Nr.4)Orange-A        Nr.5) Orange-B              Nr.6) Blue               Nr.7) Green 

☆Kobukusa - wiping cloth - Wischtuch

Original Japanese kobukusa made from synthetic silk for use at tea ceremony. Or, it's ideal as a decoration mat for matchawan. Imported directly from famous textile manufacturers in Japan. 


Original japanische Kobukusa aus Kunstseide zur Verwendung bei Teezeremonien. Ideal auch als Unterlage für Matchawan. Direkt importiert von namhaften Textilherstellern in Japan.


【variation】Nr.1) Red 

                        Nr.2) Pink-A 

                        Nr.3) Pink-B 

                        Nr.4) Orange-A

                        Nr.5) Orange-B

                        Nr.6) Blue - sold out / Ausverkauft

                        Nr.7) Green - sold out / Ausverkauft  


【size / Maße】                    15,5 cm x 16 cm

【material / Material】           Viscose (artificial silk) / Viskose (Kunstseide)

【origin / Herkunft】            Kyoto, Japan

【packaging / Verpackung】  papierbox / Papierbox


16,90 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

⭐懐紙 Kaishi: Kaishi Tissue

It’s handy and smart! Kaishi-paper, sanitary etiquette for adults

Kaishi is Japanese paper that is used during the tea ceremony for placing sweets on and wiping one's fingers. It is normally carried folded and tucked into the front of one's Kimono

Some of higher quality kaishi has subtly printed with a translucent pine, bamboo, and plum blossom design in each paper. 


The tradition of Kaishi is still used in tea ceremonies and for Japanese food.

Japanese people have used it for a long time, however it became less important as our clothes shifted from kimono to Western style clothes. People don’t usually carry it today, but it’s still very important in tea ceremony and traditional Japanese food. It is used as a handkerchief to wipe your mouth or used as a plate when eating something moist. Using kaishi looks so elegant and smart. 

☆Kaishi paper (5 set)

Tea Ceremony Accessories

Kaishi, a folded piece of paper for serving sweets at the tea ceremony. 



Kaishi, ein gefaltetes Stück Papier für Süßigkeiten bei der Teezeremonie. 


【contents / Lieferung】  5 set x 30 sheets of Kaishi

【size / Größe】          14,5 cm x 17,5 cm

【color / Farbe】         weiß

【material / Material】     washi paper / Japanisches Papier

【origin / Herkunft】     Japan


19,00 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

Kaishi holder with Youji fork


A slip pocket type holder for carrying kaishi paper. It is made of colorful washi paper and comes with a fork (YOUJI) for sweets.


Youji forks should be carried by all guests coming to the tea ceremony. When sweets are served before drinking thick tea, these are placed on the Kaishi paper with Youji sweets forks. So, the Youji should be carried together with the Kaishi paper.

☆Kaishi holder with Youji fork


Papiertasche mit Kaishi 30 Blatt und einem Yoji-Stocher.

Kaishi, ein gefaltetes Stück Papier für Süßigkeiten bei der Teezeremonie.


Kaishitasche zum Tragen von Kaishi-Papier aus farbigem Washi-Papier. Mit einer Youji-Stocher für Süßigkeiten bei der Teezeremonie.


【contents / Ihnalt】   30 sheets Kaishi, 1x Yoji-fork, in a holder 

【size / Größe】            16 cm x 10 cm                       

【color / Farbe】        holder: pink, yellow (Kaishi-paper: plane white)

【material / Material】 Holder, Kaishi: washi paper / Yoji-fork: Plastic
【origin / Herkunft】 Japan

Kaishi Holder with Youji fork

9,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1