"SUGI" cedar forest, white-gold




Paper with an elegant shine

This fan has a cool impression of a cedar forest.

It is made of a slightly shiny paper called "kirabiki-shi".

Papier mit elegantem Glanz

Dieser Fächer hat einen kühlen Eindruck eines Zedernwaldes.

Er ist aus einem leicht glänzenden Papier namens "kirabiki-shi" hergestellt.

◆ Specific NOTICE / Hinweis zur Spezifikation

* Material

 Bamboo + shiny Paper 

* Package / Verpackung

Carrying bag : NO

Gift box : NO

* Size (approximately)

sensu - size

* Single-sided leaf 

☆ SENSU Fan "SUGI", Cedar forest


[ material]

    bamboo, cotton, Paper (shiny)

    Bambus, Baumwolle, Papier (glänzend) 

[ size (approx.) / Maße (ca.)]

    Length 21 cm

    Width   37,5 cm

[ package / Verpackkung ]

      simple packing, in a transparent plastic case

      einfache Verpackung, in einem transparenten Kunststofkarton

[ made in / Hergestellt ]


18,25 €

◆ Attention ◆

The colors might be slightly different from the actual products due to different device screen settings.

Please handle gently! To open a sensu, hold it with your left hand and spread it slowly sliding to the right. When closing it, fold the each lines from the left.

◆ Achtung ◆

Es könnten evtl. geringe Farbabweichungen zwischen Foto und Ware auftreten, wegen unterschiedlicher Monitoreinstellungen des Geräts.


 Bitte vorsichtig umgehen! Um ein Sensu zu öffnen, halten Sie es mit der linken Hand und spreizen Sie es langsam nach rechts. Falten Sie beim Schließen die einzelnen Zeilen von links.

◆ ABOUT manufacturer ◆

Shikoku Dansen  Co., Ltd. 

Established in 1924, the company has been manufactureing traditional Japanese hand fans for over 90 years. They produce high quality products that reflect the extensive expertise of Japanese handicrafts.
The company is located in the scenic Marugame city in Kagawa prefecture, surrounded by the sea and mountains, and is known as the craft of the "Marugame Uchiwa (non-folding fan)", which is famous for its various shapes and elegant patterns. Marugame district was a rich land of all the raw materials such as bamboo and Tosa washi paper, so fan manufacturing has become popular since the Edo period.
While preserving the good old tradition, they continue to evolve the "Marugame hand fans", which introduces new designs to the world.