Stainless steel straw - Edelstahl trinkhalm

--- say goodbye to plastic straws! ---

Plastic straws are quickly becoming a dining taboo:

2018 was full of debate about plastic straws as an environmental issues. In July, Seattle became the first major US city to ban single-use plastic straws and utensils. Corporate bans are also quickly gaining momentum: major companies like Starbucks, Aramark and American Airlines are vowing to stop offering plastic straws.

At this point now, we are looking at the end of free, readily-available plastic straws, and found a new straws alternatives for replacing plastic straws. 

● Stainless straws alternative to plastic: 

As the best way of substitute for an ordinary plastic straw, "COOL STRAW", a reusable stainless straws are produced by SEKIKAWA based in Tsubame, Niigata, Japan, the center of cutleries and steel manufacturing. Using these straws is a good way to reducing plastic waste. Switch to those eco-friendly reusable straws and say goodbye to plastic straws!


● "COOL STRAW" product information

- 1 piece 18/8 Stainless Steel Straw 

- includes 1 piece of cleaning brush  

- optional item: carrying case (color: matt white) with 4pcs of removable caps


Feature 1: Reusable 

You can use the "COOL STRAW" repeatedly instead of using disposable plastic straws.

Feature 2: Easy to clean 

Simply rinse them out after every use with the cleaning brush of product accessories. They can also be washed in the dishwasher.

Features 3: It's an on-the-go straw!

To stop drip off the straw, silicone caps are attachable. And you can carry your straw in a hard portable case.  

* These are optional and it will be your trusted, year-round drinking companion. 

Features 4: Made in Tsubame quality

You can not find burrs in every detail part of straws. As the deburring of thin stainless steel straws are carefully done by hand as a finish process, the straw has a very smooth surface.

"COOL STRAW" is produced by SEKIKAWA Co., in Tusabame city, a traditional Metalwork-Manufacturing Region in Niigata/Japan.


gerader Strohhalme aus Edelstahl, wiederverwendbar, Metall-Trinkhalme

Strohhalm Edelstahl Set mit Bürste Trinkhalm wiederverwendbar aus Metall

Cocktail Trinkröhrchen Halm

Thema : Plastikaltanative


Die Edelstahl Strohhalm in Silber im Set sind wiederverwendbar und können mit der mitgelieferten Bürste gereinigt werden. Ein nachhaltiges Design Highlight für Deine Getränke!

Umweltbewusstsein kann so schick sein - Sorge für weniger Plastikmüll mit diesen stylischen Trinkröhrchen aus Metall!

Die Metallröhrchen sind spülmaschinenfest. Für eine tiefgründige Reinigung empfiehlt sich die zusätzliche Verwendung der mitgelieferten Spiralbürste.

Die Strohhalme eignen sich sowohl für kalte als auch warme Getränke, jedoch sollte bei Heißgetränken darauf geachtet werden, sich nicht zu verbrennen.

Material: Edelstahl
Abmaße: 210mm (Länge) x 6mm (Durchmesser)

4x Edelstahl Strohhalm
1x Reinigungsbürste



spülmaschinengeeignet, einfach zu reinigen

1 Stück Edelstahl Trinkhalme, handgefertigt und wiederverwendbar
stilvoller und optischer Hingucker
Die aus hochwertigem Spezialglas handgefertigten Glasstrohhalme sind robust, stoßfest und lebensmittelecht. Die Halme sind abgerundet und nehmen weder Gerüche noch Verfärbungen an.

Dank der hohen Temperaturbeständigkeit und den speziellen Eigenschaften des Materials eignen sich die Edelstahlhalme sowohl für kalte als auch für warme Getränke. Somit wird jedes Getränk zu einem lang anhaltenden Genuss und bieten ein pures Geschmackserlebnis, da keine Weichmacher oder andere Stoffe den Geschmack beeinträchtigen.

Die Edelstahlhalme sind wiederverwendbar und lassen sich ganz leicht mit der beiliegenden Reinigungsbürste oder im Geschirrspüler säubern. Somit passen diese Halme perfekt zu einem nachhaltigen und umweltbewusstem Lebensstil.

Lieferumfang: 1x geradene Edelstahl Strohhalme + 1x Reinigungsbürste
Farbe: Silber
Maße: Halm ca. (Ø x H): 8 x 185 mm

1x Trinkhalme aus Edelstahl, gerader Strohhalm mit Reinigungsbürste

Trinkhalm aus rostfreiem Edelstahl 304 mit Reinigungsbürste. Die Trinkhalme sind extrem stabil, 100% Plastikfrei, BPA-Frei und spülmaschinenfest und somit nicht nur eine umweltfreundliche Alternative zu herkömmlichen Strohhalmen, sondern auch ideal für Kinder.

Die Trinkhalme aus hochwertigem und beständigem Edelstahl sind ideal für Cocktails, Longdrinks, Bowle und, dank der speziellen Eigenschaften des Materials, auch für Heißgetränke wie Tee, Kaffee, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino oder Kakao geeignet.

Die Trinkhalme machen jedes Getränk zu einem lang anhaltenden Genuss und bieten ein pures Geschmackserlebnis, da keine Weichmacher oder andere Stoffe die in Plastik enthalten sind den Geschmack beeinträchtigen
Material: 18/8er Edelstahl 304
Maße: 22,0 x 0,5 cm
Ø Innen: 0,5 cm
Ø Außen: 0,6 cm
5x Stück Edelstahl Trinkhalm, 1x Reinigunsbürste

☆ Metallic Straw with a cleaning brushxxxxxx

Made of stainless steel, reusable straw. Can be also used as a stirrer.

Comes with a cleaner brush with nylon bristle to ease cleaning inside the straw. 


[ Use & Care ]

Reusable / Use straw brush to wash. It is dishwasher safe too. 


- contents/Lieferumfang: 1x straw, 1x cleaning brush

- material/Material......... Stainless-Steel

- color/Farbe............... Silver

- Dimensions (outside, approximate)/Größe (Außen, ca.).......... Ø 6 mm x 198 mm

- Item weight (approximate)/Gewicht netto (ca.) ....... 10 g

- Shipping weight (approximate)/Gewicht total (ca.)... 20 g

- Manufacturer/Hersteller: SEKIKAWA Co., Ltd.

- Country of origin/Herkunftsland..... Straw: Japan, Brush: China


11,80 €

☆ Straw Case for metallic strawxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bring your own straw anywhere!


Straw case for Ø 6 mm x 198 mm long straw. This straw case comes with 4 pcs of silicone caps for both ends of straws.


- contents/Lieferumfang: 1x straw case, 4x caps for straws-ends 

- material/Material......... case: polystyrene, cap: polyethylene resin

- color/Farbe............... white

- Dimensions (approximate)/Größe (ca.).......... 208 mm x 30 mm x mm

- Item weight (approximate)/Gewicht netto (ca.) .......  g

- Shipping weight (approximate)/Gewicht total (ca.)...  g

- Manufacturer/Hersteller: SEKIKAWA Co., Ltd.

- Country of origin/Herkunftsland: Japan

7,80 €

◆ about manufacturer ◆

from TSUBAME-City, a traditional Metalwork manufacturing region

Photo: Idea Sekikawa Co., Ltd. 

The city of Tsubame in Japan 's snow country of Niigata is an area of traditional local industry that is the cornerstone of metal craftsmanship.


In this Tsubame city, Sekikawa Kouhan Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 as a metal manufacturing company. They have focused on self-manufacture from planning to manufacturing and sales, and continued to expand their business activity. In 2001, newly, a company Idea Sekikawa Co., Ltd. was founded by the mother company, who specialized for cunsumer metal products. They have been launched the successive wide variety of new steel products such as stainless straws and thermally conductive aluminum ice cream spoons(*).


Recently, due to the movement for non-plastic straws, their stainless straws have received particular attention and have been featured in Japanese TV shows and magazines.


(*) Find other Sekikawa's popular product "heat conductive ice cream scoop" ⇒ go to SHOP (coming soon)

Certification mark for products made in Tsubame -


This Swallow mark called in Japanese "Tsubame Mark" is well known all over the country and worldwide as a place to produce metal products, and the height of technology has been penetrating to consumers. By attaching the swallow logo mark, the consumer will make the difference with foreign products easier to understand and at the same time the swallow mark will be a mark of proof of high quality and peace of mind.