soy sauce dispenser - Sojasauce spender

Every day utensils such as rice bowls, tea pots, and soy sauce dispensers maintain a high degree of perfection in times of functionality and usability with consistent quality.




Stylish and functional soy sauce dispenser, Mino-yaki ware

A white porcelain's soy sauce dispenser in handful-size, crafted of quality ceramic of Mino-yaki ware. It has a shiny, smooth texture that is unique to white porcelain. Stylish and functional design, add beauty to your dining table.


Wide opening makes the dispenser is easy to refill, the porcelain lid ensures the contents stay fresh. It has an excellent performance of drip-free spout, and even better, it comes with a saucer to prevent staining the table even if it might drip. 

Easy to maintain! The dispenser & saucer are dishwasher safe.

As an every day utensil, the functionality should be first priority but designed shape, color and texture are also important part. Because we think those items can be a part of dining interior while they are not used. This simple yet stylish white porcelain soy sauce dispenser is perfect choice easy to combine with any other seasoning stockers and tableware as well.

NOTE : For use without dripping


Don't fill it up to capacity!

The reason for this is that it doesn't have a breather hole on the lid, so most of the air is trapped when you pour and the entire spout is full. It has nowhere to go except through the lid. Therefore, please advised to fill it up halfway and pour it slowly over your meal or dish.

HINWEIS : Zur Verwendung ohne Tropfen


Füllen Sie es nicht voll!

Das liegt daran, dass der Deckel keine Entlüftungsloch aufweist, so dass die größte Teil der Luft beim Ausgießen eingeschlossen wird und der gesamte Ausguss gefüllt wird.

Füllen Sie es daher nicht bis zum Rand auf, und dann gießen Sie es langsam in Ihr Essen oder Ihren Teller.

☆Soy Sauce Dispenser 100ml

High-quality ceramic Mino ware white porcelain soy sauce dispenser.  It has a shiny, smooth texture that is unique to white porcelain. Stylish and functional design add beauty to your dining table.


Hochwertiger Keramik-Sojasauce-Spender aus weißem Porzellan von Mino. Eine glänzende, glatte Textur ist charakteristisch für die Produkte. Ein stilvolles und funktionales Design, das Ihren Esstisch ergänzt.  


【contents / Inhalt】  soy sauce dispenser & saucer set 

【volume / Volume】 100 ml

【size / Maße】            L. 9,3 cm x B. 5,6 cm x H. 6,3 cm / 110 g

                                         (saucer / Untertasse: 8 cm x 6,5 cm x H. 1,2 cm / 53 g)  

【material / Material】porcelain / Porzellein

【origin / Herkunft】   Mino (Gifu), Japan

【care / Pflege】          microwave safe, dishwasher safe 

soy sauce dispenser

24,95 €

◆ about manufacturer ◆

MIYAMA Co., Ltd. was founded in 1977, in the Mino-yaki production area of Mizunami City in Gifu Prefecture.

Using a technique called “casting” (a technique in which mud white porcelain earth is cast into a plaster mold. The technique involves many people’s skill in creating tableware.), their products are created. They utilize their extensive experience, skill, and technology to create a modern Japanese style for contemporary life.


“Beautifully finished material”

Finishing material beautifully. For white porcelain, it is important to draw its original whiteness, which will lead us to improve its quality as well. Miyama’s white porcelain is created by firing porcelain clay which is rich in glass component at 1340 degrees. By firing in a high-temperature oven, the clay and glaze get harmonized, vitrified and create translucent luster on its surface, and it becomes an easy-to-wash and stain-resistant material at the same time. It will grow to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing through this process. Tableware with the beauty of utility.