chopstick, cutlery rest

- MIno ware -

from MINO-YAKI 美濃焼

Mino-yaki is produced in the Mizunami, Tajimi, Toki, and Kani regions of Gifu prefecture with a 1300-year history. Mino ware accounts for over 50 percent of Japanese ceramics now. 


As “the way of tea” gained popularity about 400 years ago, craftsmen in Mino began producing artistic tea utensils. Shino 志野 (white and textured), Kizeto 黄瀬戸 (yellow ocher), Oribe 織部  (green pattern over light gray base) and Setoguro 瀬戸黒 (black) are representative of these crafts. Now, 15 types of Mino ware are government-recognized traditional crafts of Japan. 


Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of Mino ware, with factories producing large numbers of these fine ceramics. A side variety of ceramics, including tableware, tiles, and tools are produced by inheriting the techniques of the past and being challenged to create new technologies for the future. Mino ware’s long history and high quality makes it a prime example of Japanese ceramics and an excellent addition to any collection.

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🔸DARUM (red)

Daruma chopstick rests (red) can be used not only for celebrations and entertaining, but also as an accent on an everyday dining table.

It is made of Mino ware from Gifu Prefecture. 

Die Daruma Essstäbchenablage (rot) kann nicht nur für Feiern und Bewirtung, sondern auch als Akzent auf einem alltäglichen Esstisch verwendet werden.

Mino-Ware aus der Präfektur Gifu hergestellt. 

☆ Chopstick rest "DARUMA"


【contents / Inhalt】               1 piece / 1 St. 

【material / Material】            porcelain / Porzellan (Mino ware)

【size(approx.) / Maße(ca.)】 L. 45 mm × B. 40 mm × H. 18 mm,   35 g 

【origin / Herkunft】                Mino (Gifu), Japan 


*dishwasher safe / Spülmaschinen geeignet

7,20 €

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🔸waterline collection


napoleon fish

Chopstick rest / Cutlery rest 

"Betta Fish" & "Napoleon Fish", light blue


From the Waterline Collection by Miyama Corporation, a long-established Mino pottery producer.


These light blue celadon chopstick rests feature a motif of freshwater fish. The designers and craftsmen have paid close attention to detail, creating elaborate modeling and reliefs. The fishes appear to be swimming freely on the table. The clean light blue celadon also matches the motif.

Essstäbchenablage / Besteckablage 

"Betta-Fisch" & "Napoleon-Fisch", hellblau


Es ist Teil der "Waterline"-Kollektion von Miyama, einem beliebten Minoyaki-Geschirrhersteller aus der Präfektur Gifu.


Die saubere celadonblaue Besteckablage ist ein Motiv einer Süßwasserfischart. Die Designer und Kunsthandwerker haben viel Liebe zum Detail bewiesen und aufwendige Modellierungen und Reliefs geschaffen. Die Fische scheinen frei auf dem Tisch zu schwimmen. Zum Motiv passt auch der saubere hellblaue Seladon.


☆ Chopstick/Cutlery rest - Water line collection

 Variation: "BETTA FISH" and "NAPOLEON FISH"


【contents / Inhalt】   1 pc / 1 St.

【material / Material】   porcelain / Porzellan (Mino ware) 

【size (approx.) / Maße (ca.)】

        BETTA FISH: L. 65 mm × D. 45 mm × H. 15 mm,   25 g

        NAPOLEON FISH: L. 75 mm x 40 mm x H. 15 mm,  30 g   

【origin / Herkunft】   Mino (Gifu), Japan 

*dishwasher safe / Spülmaschinen geeignet



8,90 €

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🔸OSHIDORI - mandarin duck (pair set)




Hand painted mandarin duck's chopstickrest, red & green pair set. 

In Japan, Mandarin Ducks are a symbol of love and marriage, and an affectionate couple is called “oshidori-fufu,” a combination of the words for Mandarin Duck (oshidori) and couple (fufu).

Handbemalte Essstäbchenablagen in Mandarinentenform, rot & grün Paar-Set.


In Japan sind Mandarinenten ein Symbol für Liebe und Ehe, und wird ein liebevolles Paar "oshidori-fufu" genannt, eine Kombination der Wörter für Mandarin-Ente (oshidori) und Paar (fufu).


☆ Chopstick rest "oshidori" pair set


【contents / Inhalt】               Paar set (1x rot, 1x grün)

【material / Material】            porcelain / Porzellan 

【size(approx.) / Maße(ca.)】 L. 65 mm × D. 20 mm × H. 35 mm,   45g 

【origin / Herkunft】                Mino (Gifu), Japan 


*dishwasher safe / Spülmaschinen geeignet

11,50 €




🔸Cherry Blossoms (set of 5)

Chopstickrest in the cherry blossom petal-shape are five colors in shades from white to deep pink. Surely to decorate your table in a gorgeous way.

Die Kirschblütenblätter-förmige Essstäbchenhalter mit eine fünfstufige Abstufung von weiß bis tiefrosa. 


☆ Chopstick rest "Cherry blossoms" 5 colors


【contents / Inhalt】               1x White + 4x different shades of pink color

【material / Material】            porcelain / Porzellan 

【size(approx.) / Maße(ca.)】 L. 50 mm × D. 50 mm × H. 10 mm,   20g 

【origin / Herkunft】                Mino (Gifu), Japan 

【packaging / Verpackung】  box (275 x 55 x H. 20 mm/ 150g)


*dishwasher safe / Spülmaschinen geeignet

29,50 €

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