bowls - schüssel - 鉢

--- for Ramen noodles, Donburi rice dishes, muesli and soups ---

--- für Ramen-Nudeln, Donburi-Reisgericht, Müsli und Suppen ---


◆ DONBURI BOWLS "Donburi Bachi" どんぶり鉢 ◆

Donburi Bowls (どんぶり鉢: Donburi Bachi) refers to thick Japanese bowls with depth are an important piece of Japanese tableware.
These bowls are typically used to hold one-bowl meals like ramen noodles, Udon and Soba, or donburi rice dishes (Katsu-don, Oyako-don, Gyudon, Tendon, Unadon or Kaisen-don). They are much bigger than rice or miso soup bowls and are normally made from ceramic.



"Ra-Meshi Bachi" らーめし鉢

* Not Typo!  - It means Bowls for "Ramen & Meshi (= rice in Japanese)" .

Attractive Japanese donburi bowls "Ra-Meshi Bachi" are newly produced by ALTHA Co. "Ra" refers to ramen noodles, "Meshi" to rice, and "Bachi" means bowl, it is in literally used for both ramen and rice dishes.


◆ TYPE OF BOWL “multi-purpose” bowl:

The size of the "Ra-Meshi Bachi" is 15,3 cm in diameter and 11,5 cm in height, with a total volume of 980 ml (filled to rim). The shape is deep enough and slightly smaller than the common ramen bowl of which the size is about 18 cm in diameter, 9,5 cm in height and contains of 1400 ml. 


Crafted from durable high-quality ceramics, these donburi bowls are made to last daily usage. 


Simply throw into the top rack of your dishwasher or wash by hand. 


Aside from being used for the famous Japanese rice bowl dishes or ramen noodles, the donburi bowl is also used for Asian inspired foods (Thai curries, dumplings, fried rice, etc). Use also for popcorn, oatmeal and muesli etc. 


The inside of the bowl is decorated with an auspicious means motif. Three colors are available. Including with an original box, it can be made into "okamochi" style, a Japanese carrying box for a food delivery.


Brighten up your meal and your dinner table with this set!

Dragon (龍), also known as Long or Lung, are legendary creatures in mythology, folklore, and East Asian culture at large. It is a very noble pattern.
Living in the sky it is considered closely related to heaven, and from early times was used as a symbol of imperial power.

A mythical bird, the Phoenix (鳳凰) or the Fenghuang has a bird's beak, a swallow's jaw, and a snake's neck.  
It became a popular decorative motif in the Nara period, and was used on a wide variety of items including textiles, mirrors, chests, and lacquer ware. 

Karako (唐子) is a Japanese term used in art with the depiction of Chinese children playing. The theme of these playing children can be found in screens and ceramics and other forms of Japanese art. They symbolise the innocence and joy. 

☆ Donburi Bowl "Ra-Meshi Bachi" ☆

The round and deep ceramic large bowl is a suitable shape for both rice dishes and ramen noodles in three colors. Each one is decorated with a motif inspired by classic Asian design.

As each pattern has a good fortunate meanings, ideal for a gift too.

Including with an original box, it can be made into "okamochi" style.

microwave-safe / Dishwasher-safe


【color & motif】
1) red & Dragon (龍)
2) yellow & Phoenix ( 鳳凰)  - sold out
3) blue & Karako (唐子) 

【Material / material】 Keramik / ceramic

【Größe (approx.) / size (ca.)】 Φ 15,3 cm x H. 11,5 cm

【Capacity】 980 ml (filled to rim)

【Gewicht (approx.) / weight (ca.)】 600 g

【Verpackung / packing】 in original box : W. 15,8 x D. 15,8 x H. 12,2 cm

【Herkunft / country of origin】 made in China

【Versteller / Manufacturer】 ALTHA Japan 



Bowl "Ra-Meshi-Bachi"

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