NEW & Restocked: HARIKO -paper crafts - Papiermaché



DARUMA Doll 11cm in 4 colour

Classic Takasaki Daruma for luck and good fortune using skills and techniques cultivated in doll crafting. Painted with symbols of longevity - cranes for the eyebrows and tortoises for the mouth and beard - Daruma dolls are considered to bring good luck. One makes a wish when painting the left eye and when the wish is granted, the right eye is painted in.

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AKABEKO - bobbing head red cow


Cute and very popular folk toy ”AKABEKO" is back to stock!!

Old-fashioned doll swaying humorously his head, but it has become popular again recently.


A local toy in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture with the legendary red cow as a motif. 


[Manufacturer]  Nozawa Mingei/Fukushima, Japan