new item: Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

 NEW !!

🔸18,5 cm Bamboo bent Tong

The 18,5 cm, a just hand fit sized ttongs are made of continuous bent bamboo and come with a spring of the same material. The exquisite elasticity of the U-shaped spring allows you to control the tips of the tongs so that you can grasp objects firmly and easily.


The inside tips of the tong are notched for a sure grip. It's perfect for picking sushi ginger, pickled vegetables, cheese or fruits. 

🔸23 cm Bamboo stick tong

The lightweight bamboo tongs 23cm are perfect for cooking, and serving appetizers or picking up tempura or vegetables from a platter. Simple in design, and a practical tool to grip item conveniently. 

Just use the tongs in the same way as cooking chopsticks. (It shoud be much easier to handle than using chopsticks!)

For storage, it comes with a bamboo stopper.