Seasonal tradition - summer of Japan - ①

Summer of Japan is hot and the humidity is also high.
From the old days when the air conditioning didn't exist yet, we have been came up with various ways for surpassing the summer heat.

A small wind-bell which made of glass or porcelain is called "FUURIN" in Japan, hangs and rings in the wind.

Fuurin gives poetic charm to the Japanese summers. In the sultry summer season people hang Fuurin from the edge of their eaves. Then people enjoy the coolness when the Frurin swing and ring in the breeze.

"ASAGAO" (Japanese morning glory) is a representative summer flower in Japan. 

In keeping with the meaning of its name in Japanese, "morning face", it blooms in the morning and the blossoms close up immediately.

In the hot, humid Japanese summer, Asagao blooming in the cool morning air soften people's hearts.


All of above things remind us of summer in Japan...