OBON (OBON break)

Obon is one of the most important tradition in Japan, normally from 13th till 16th August. We go to our origin place, visit the grave of our ancestors and pray for them. It is believed that the spirits of ancestors come back to home during Obon period. On the first day of Obon, we stand CHOCHIN Lanterns at the entrance of house to guide the spirit Into the house (it’s called MUKAE-BON). On the last day of Obon, we bring ancestor’s spirit back to the grave (it’s called OKURI BON).

August is the hottest and most humid month in Japan and schools have summer holidays, so people escape from heat of big cities to cool country side and visit families and relatives at origin. Even though OBON is not national holiday. Many people take holidays during OBON period. Therefore big cities become empty. In connection with OBON, temple’s festival , fireworks or many other events take place in country side. We wear YUKATA (summer Kimono) and dance on BON-ODORI (dance of OBON) by rhythms of Japanese drum (TAIKO) at temple’s festival. 

After OBON period, a summer will go to the end and it will become an autumn season.