TANABATA - Star Festival -

July 7 is the day of Tanabata, a traditional star festival based of a Chinese legend. The general tale is about a love story between the Cowherd HIKOBOSHI (symbolizing Altaira) and the Weaver girl ORIOHIME(symbolizing Vega). Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the big river , Milky Way. However, the lovers are allowed to meet once a year across the river only on the night of the 7th lunar month.


Traditionally, people wishes the sky would be clear on that day so the two could meet over the Milky Way.

If it rains, the water level of the river gets too high and could not be crossed…


Nowadays, it is common to write our own wishes/hopes on strips of colorful paper, hang them on branches of Bamboo at eaves of our home, then our wishes/hopes come true.


Many Tanabata festivals take place in Japan, but the most famous and biggest one is in Sendai city in August.