KOROMOGAE means the seasonal changes of clothing. We have KOROMOGAE twice annually, normally in June and October. In June we put the winter clothes away into storage and take summer clothes out. In October, the same changes in reverse.


This custom came from the HEIAN period (794 – 1185 A.D.). The court ladies who served TENNO (Emperor) were requested to change their KIMONO for summer and winter. Then, in EDO period(1603 – 1867), SHOGUN required his SAMURAI to change clothes 4 times in a year, in April for spring, in May for summer, at beginning of  September for autumn and at the end of September for winter.


Nowadays “KOROMOGAE” are strictly kept for police, military or public office uniforms and school uniforms. This big event takes place all across the nation. In their homes, too. Replacing the clothes for the whole family is a big workload. When we finish KOROMOGAE in June, we are ready to receive hot summer.