Tea ware - Teegeschirr

🔸 for Tea ceremony - Matchawan

"Machawan" (抹 茶椀), the beautiful Japanese tea bowls for the traditional preparation of Matcha Japanese green tea. Handcrafted from natural clay and imported from the well-known Kiln-workshops and masters in Japan.


"Machawan" (抹茶椀), die schöne japanische Teeschalen für die traditionelle Zubereitung von Matcha Japanische grüner Tee. Handgefertigt aus natürlichem Ton und stammen von den führenden Kiln-Ateliers und Meistern Japans. 


* Kyō-/ Kizomiyu-yaki ware - "Matcha tea bowl" ☞ SHOP

🔸 for Tea ceremony - Accessories / Zubehör

* must-have accessories for making Matcha ☞ SHOP

           *NATSUME tea caddy                     * CHASHAKU tea scoop            *CHASEN tea whisk         *tea whisk holder         *KOBUKUSA

🔸 for Japanese Tea time

There is no manual for choosing the right Japanese teapot. The right teapot for you is the one that fits your lifestyle or simply feels right in your hands. Basically, premium green teas are enjoyed in small amounts with small cups. Therefore, small teapots will be good for fine quality teas. On the other hand, big teapots are often preferred for the teas brewed with hotter water and served in large amounts, like Hojicha or Genmaicha.

Of course, functionality is important for a teapot, even though the design is a huge factor in your sophisticated tea time. We introduce the well-designed Japanese teapots to satisfy your needs in design.


* Tea set, -pot, -Cup & Saucer  -  Teeset, -kanne, -tasse & Untertasse  ☞ SHOP 

* Nanbu cast iron Teapot - Gußeisen Teekannne ☞ SHOP

*Nanbu cast iron Teapot - Teekannne 0,55L

* Cast iron teapot stand  - Gußeisen Untersetzer ☞ SHOP

cast iron stand
*cast iron teapot stand Ø 13,5 cm -

* Tea canister - Teedose

   - with Echizen washi - ☞ SHOP

Japanese Washi paper
*CHAKAN teacanister - Teedose - for 200g tea leaf

🔸 for Black tea

* Bamboo Tea set - Bambus Teeset                                             * Bamboo Goblet - Bambus Goblet

  ☞ SHOP                                                                                            ☞ SHOP

 - cup & saucer pair set -                                                                                                                  - goblet pair set -