🔸Sencha Teacup "Gyokko Kokudei Matukawa" 90ml

【 Product Type: Sencha Teacup, Mino ware 】


Product specifications: Due to differences with the pottery kiln, temperature and other conditions, size, weight and color of the finished product may differ.

Decorative technique "Matsukawa"

Literally, the traditional technique of applying surface decoration like pine bark.

A pattern is added on the rotating potter's wheel using a plane and cloth.

Japanese sencha tea cup made from natural clay created by the famed studio Gyokko in Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture). 

KOKUDEI - black pottery is made by firing Tokoname's red clay once and then undergoing a further reduction firing process to produce a beautiful black color. The inside bottom of the cup is decorated with white flowers. The sides of the bowl are decorated with numerous fine horizontal streaks of pine bark, the result of great care and attention to detail.


about 90 ml capacity at 70% filled. 

Width 8cm x Height 4.5cm


capacity When filled with water 70% Display

The classic round formed sencha cup made of clean white porcelain, just fits your hand and easy to hold.


The cups has luster texture and is smooth to the touch. White is the best color for a cup to highlight the natural hue of tea. With its unobtrusive appearance, this simple classic cup goes well with various items, and will never go out of style.


Tokoname-yaki, 90 ml 

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☆Sencha cup "Gyokko Kokudei" 70ml


【volume / Volume】       70 ml
【size / Maße (ca.)】        Φ 8 × H. 4.5 cm,  g
【material / Material】    ceramic (pottery) / Keramik (Ton) - Tokoname ware -
【origin / Herkunft】       Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan


* dishwasher: OK

* Spülmaschinenfest.

Sencha-cup Gyokko

7,20 €

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