Chopsticks / Essstäpchen

Thanks to the recent boom in Japanese cuisine, it is delighting to see many foreigners are using chopsticks very well!

Japan is the rare country where people have own personal chopsticks at home.

China and Korea have a culture of sharing chopsticks within the family, but Japan has developed a large variety of different chopsticks for each individual. And these beautiful chopsticks would be highly recommended to anyone who is interested in Japanese cuisine and chopsticks.

Carrying your own chopsticks is becoming quite popular now.

The practice is called “My Hashi (chopsticks)”. It helps to preserve forests, avoiding to use  throwing away disposal chopsticks. And eating with your favorite chopsticks makes each meal more special and delicious. 

◆ Chopstick & Rest gift set


A set of modern chopstick and matching colored acrylic rest comes in a clear gift box. These slim and square Chopsticks were designed to look beautiful and tested to ensure they are pleasant to use.

The body is a natural wood, slim square shape, lucked with acrylic painting with geometric design on the surface, and has smooth tips.
Vivid color, motif of geometric solid angle and slim shape of chopstick and rest are devided getting a stylish look on your table. 


chopstick... made in Wakasa/Fukui, Japan

chopstick rest... made in Nara/Japan


    *WHITE                                 *GRAY                                         *RED                                          *GREEN

Slim-Chopstick and rest Gift set


A set of natural wooden Chopsticks and an acrylick rest comes in a clear box, ideal for gift. The style of this chopstick has slim, square handle and smooth tips.  

*They cannot be used with microwave/dishwasher/dish dryer.

*chopstick... made in Wakasa/Fukui, Japan

*chopstick rest... made in Nara/Japan


Eine Essstäbchen aus Naturholz und eine Acryl Ablage werden in einer schicken durchsichtigen Box geliefert, die sich ideal als Geschenk eignet. Der Stil dieses Essstäbchens hat einen schlanken, eckigen Griff und glatte Spitzen, und ist gute Handhabung.
*Mikrowelle, Spülmaschine NICHT geeignet

*Essstäbchen ... hergestellt in Wakasa / Fukui, Japan
*Essstäbchen Ablage ... hergestellt in Nara / Japan


material... chopstick: natural wood (Malas), Acrylic Urethane Coating 

               ... chopstick rest: Acrylic

size (approximately)... chopstick: 23 cm 

                                    ... chopstick-rest: 8 x 0.8 x 0.6 cm

packed in a clear gift box


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Slim Chopstick and Rest Giftset

23,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

◆ Chopsticks


These Japanese wooden chopsticks with a 5 cm of slanted end bring a beautiful environment to your dining table.

The glossy color is over a dark wood chopstick  Unique and stylish, 23cm long , with textured tips.

Made in Wakasa/ Fukui, Japan. 


Die japanischen Essstäbchen aus Holz mit einem 5 cm abgeschrägten Ende verleihen Ihrem Esstisch eine wunderschöne Atmoshöre.
Die glänzende Farbe ist über einem dunklen Holzstäbchen. Einzigartig und stilvoll, 23 cm lang, mit strukturierten Spitzen.
Hergestellt in Wakasa / Fukui, Japan.


Art.-No.1 : FUKU (Fortune)  (A) Red   (B) Green

"FUKU" has a beautiful motif of (A) plum flower & (B) pine tree on brilliant Red & Green.

Art.-No.2 : SHIKI (4 Seasons)  (A) Pink   (B) Light Green

"SHIKI" has a beautiful and serene scene of (A) dragonfly on pampas grass (autumn) & (B) warbler on tree (spring) on shiny Pink & Yellow.

Art.-No.3 : HIME (Princess)  (A) Red   (B) Black

"HIME", colorful green, gold, and red flowers & leaves on (A) Red & (B) Black accented by glitter flecks.

Art.-No.4 : JAPAN   (A) Crane   (B) Deer

"JAPAN" are decorated with beautiful motif of (A) Crane & (B) Deer on matt black wood.

☆ Chopsticks ☆


Chopsticks with non-slip ends 

Made in Japan / Hand wash only

*Price 1), 2), 3) EUR 14,-  and 4) EUR 12,-


Essstäbchen mit rutschfesten am Ende
Made in Japan / Spülmaschine NICHT geeignet
* Preis 1), 2), 3) EUR 14,- und 4) EUR 12,-


material... wood

size........... approx. 23 cm

weight..... approx. 18 g/pair


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Chopsticks / Essstäpchen

12,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1