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most affectionete cat and dog

A new type of healing series stuffed animal! Cat plush with moderate weight and reasonable weight. Put it on your knees and smile or decorate with a pose ... Excellent touch with soft material like the real cat's stomach! I will quietly stick to your side ♪ Many of the cat's hair color, eyes color, meat ball color as well ... find your favorite cute "knee cat"



About 18.5” long, 7.1” tall, and 6.3” wide when lying flat, these kitties have embroidered paws and are just as soft as the real thing. Choose Brown or Gray - they will all be happy to sit on your knees or just chill on the couch with you!


Cats are among the world’s most adorable creatures. From their big saucer eyes to their oft-times twitching tails, everything about them screams cute. The first reaction for us cat lovers is to want to hold them or sit with them on our laps. While there’s been much ado made about lap dogs, lap cats are just as coveted by many pet guardians. So, what are the friendliest cats out there? What about the friendliest cat breeds? Can any cat become a lap cat? Let’s find out!

Lap cat ひざネコ

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Lap dog ひざ犬

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A cat that enjoys sitting in your lap