NINJA Smart Phone Stand

These hiding ninjas won’t assassinate you or invade your privacy.

What they want to do? Don’t worry, they just want to help you hold your smart phone.

Let’s go on checking the hiding ninja!! 

ninja smart phone stand
*put the tablet-pc sideways



This is a pretty cool phone stand inspired by a Ninja, a mysterious mercenary in old Japan. The phone stand comes in two unique designs, each one features a ruthless ninja who looks like carrying out his secret mission and perfectly integrating into the black cradle and base.

Moreover, the wide cradle can hold your smartphone for docking and charging, and the phone stand is made of polyresin for solid and durable construction, apart from that, the wide cradle is able to hold your tablet just like a tablet stand. 


Check out the following demo video first.  ⇒ Youtube


- Manufacturer: "ARTHA" Japan (designed in Japan, made in China)  

<Art.-No.1>  Flying on the Giant Kite (ōdako)

You may have seen a clip from a movie where a ninja is floating in the sky carrying a kite on his back. 

It is one of the many ninja techniques utilized! Ninja has beeing lifted into the air by kites, where they flew over hostile terrain and descended into, or dropped bombs on enemy territory, but mostly for the purpose of sending messages and relaying signals.



 <Art.-No.1> Giant Kite/Odako  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


☆ NINJA Smartphone stand - Giant Kite/ōdako-☆

Motif: Flying Ninja on a Kite (ōdako)

material............... Polyresin

size (approx.)...... H. 13cm x L. 7 cm x W. 7 cm / 350 g

packing in original clear plastic case (size... H. 17,5 x 11,5 x 11 cm)

- ōdako-

23,00 €

<Art.-No.2>  Blowgun (Fukiya)


 <Art.-No.2> Blowgu/Fukiya  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


The blowgun, known as a hidden weapon "Fukiya (吹き矢)" was used to shoot poisoned darts at an enemy from a concealed location and, since it made almost no noise, the Ninja's hiding place wasn't threatened by using this weapon.

Aside from launching darts, the blowgun could be used as a snorkel while the Ninja was underwater.


☆ NINJA Smartphone stand -Blowgun/Fukiya-☆

Motif: Blowgun (Fukiya)

material............... Polyresin

size (approx.)...... H. 14cm x L. 7cm x W.8cm / 400g

packing in original clear plastic case (size... H. 17,5 x 11,5 x 11 cm)

- Fukiya-

23,00 €

<Art.-No.3>  Flipping the Tatami (Tatami-gaeshi)


  "<Art.-No.3> Tatami-gaeshi"  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


This famous ninja move, called tatami-gaeshi in Japanese, involves flipping a floor mat up at lightning speed to 

protect against enemy's darts. Crouching behind the tatami mat (and your smartphone) is a little Ninja-guy,

ready to repel anyone who lays a greasy finger on your touchscreen.


☆ NINJA Smartphone stand -Flipping the Tatami-☆

Motif: Flipping the Tatami (Tatami-gaeshi)

material............... Polyresin

size (approx.)...... H. 13cm x L. 6,5cm x W.8cm / 350g

packing in original clear plastic case (size... H. 17,5 x 11,5 x 11 cm)


23,00 €

<Art.-No.4> Wall Passing (Kabe-nuke)


  "<Art.-No.4> Kabe-nuke"  SOLD OUT/AUSVERKAUFT  


One of the Ninja skill is "Wall passing" ("Kabe-nuke" in Japanese) to escape from attack of the enemy. With this Ninja trick, he can disappear in a flash into a secret passage which built in bihind the wall.


☆ NINJA Smartphone stand -Kabe-nuke- ☆

Motif: wall passing (Kabe-nuke)

material............ Polyresin

size (approx.)... H. 15cm x L.9cm x W.7,7cm / 420g

packing in original plastic clear case (size... H. 17,5 x 11,5 x 11 cm)

NINJYA Smart-phone stand kabenuke

23,00 €