Wine Glass -Mt.FUJI in 3D vision-

Entirely new wine glass

 fused together "GLASS" and "JAPANESE LACQUER"

To paint Japanese lacquer directly on glass is a highly sophisticated technique. 

"Marusan Shikki" the long-established lacquerware manufacturer in Iwate, Japan now succeeded!


An auspicious picture "Mount Fuji" is hand-painted on the bottom of the glass by using the traditional

Japanese lacquer artwork technique "Hidehira-nuri". The Mt.Fuji is visible from both inside and outside of the glass.

This painting process needs time twice than the common painting even though worked by skilled craftsman.

JAPAN lacquer wineglass URUSHI

What is "HIDEHIRA-nuri"?  

“Hidehira-nuri” is one of the traditional Japanese lacquer artworks, produced by Fujiwara clan 

in the city of  World Heritage "Hiraizumi" (in Iwate Pref.) around on the Heian period (795-1180). 

The charactaristics of "Hidehira-nuri" style is luxurious decor with Japanese lacquer painting and rich gold leaf.

JAPAN lacquer URUSHI wineglass

The Foot boldly decorated with Japanese lacquer and gold leaf. It is a features of Hidehira-nuri. 

JAPAN lacquer URUSHI Fujizama

Fuji appears on both side of inside and outside of the glass.

This is involved an immense amount of time and effort to make even though by skilled craftsman.


From the stem through the cup has been decorated evenly and firmly.


When filling transparent liquid, such as white wine and sake to glass, you can enjoy the 3D-Mount Fuji with rising sun.

☆ 3D FUJI Wine Glass ☆


Packed in original gift box as a picture.It is perfect for gift.


material...  glass, urushi-Japan lacquer, gold leaf

weight...... 120 g

size............ 5,5 cm at a rim, 20,8cm hight

capacity.... approx.300cc

packing in original box


↓ select a color

3D FUJI Wine Glass

89,90 €

  • Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *1 / Shipping 2-3 working days *1


- Due to hand drawing, the pattern of every glass is slightly different.

- Wash gently by using a cloth or soft sponge, don't use a nylon scrub brush.

- Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven.

- Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration



JAPAN lacquer wineglass URUSHI FUJI


establisched on 1904, located in Iwate prefecture, Japan.


While it is "Hidehira-nuri", the Japanese lacquer Painting oftraditional technique, but also focus on production to arrangea classic in a modern style.

As one, they have developed a new product, which painted Japanese lacquer directly on glass by special techniques.


* Awarded the prize of  "OMOTENASHI selection 2014".

* Received a chairman of the board prize at Iwate Specialty Products Contest