cut glass "Edo-KIRIKO"

EDO KIRIKO cut glass

Sparkles and glint glassware "Kiriko", is a Japanese traditional handcraft. “Kiriko” means “faceted” in Japanese, and refers to the multitude of decorative patterns that are engraved on the glass surface using grindstones and other tools. Its unique hand-cutting delicate patterns produce stunning reflections of light, depending on the angle of both the light and the viewer’s gaze. Examples can be appreciated in sake glasses, vases and traditional glass ornaments.


"Edo Kiriko" was firstly developed in 1834 by "Hyobei Kagaya", the master of glass store in Edo (former Tokyo). Since then, its glass cutting technique has inherited over years. Now, this 180-year-old craft tradition is designated by the Japanese government as the traditional craftwork. It is very popular both in Japan and abroad as a gift symbolizing Japanese culture.


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Cutting pattern

Edo Kiriko Schnittmuster
*Edo Kiriko Cutting pattern

Edo-Kiriko features designs like none other. Many of popular patterns were made during the Edo Period. They are derived from traditional tools used in daily life and from patterns found from nature, for example Nanako (fish egg pattern), bamboo leaves, chrysanthemum flowers, hemp leaf or Kagome (basket weave) etc...

Today, these pattern are also used either alone or in combination with others symmetrically.


The cut surface shines beautifully by its prism effect. Edo-Kiriko is perfect for use as tableware when serving guests as well as for display. Since Edo Kiriko uses high-class crystal glass, it is also perfect as a gift for your parents or elders.

With elegant designs, the works of Edo-Kiriko will captivate anybody's heart.

Edo-Kiriko cut glass with pattern of YARAI CREST

Our beautifully cut glass "Edo-Kiriko" are carefully hand-made by experienced craftsmen in Tokyo. 

They have one of popular pattern "YARAI CREST", resembling a rain of arrows.

These traditional cutting pattern exist for over 180 years but still have modern impression.


*Each glass comes in a wooden box.

*Wash with soap and warm water. No dishwasher and No microwave oven.

*The color shown in the photos may be slightly varied from the actual color due to the lighting and color deviation of monitors.





☆ Edo-Kiriko cut glass "GUINOMI"


This beautiful glass can be used as a Sake glass "Guinomi", and it is modern enough to serve with a dessert or appetizers.            


Contains... 1x guinomi glass
Color......... red or blue
Material.... glass

Capacity... 90 ml
Dimensions..... ø 62 mm x H. 52 mm 

Wooden Box... L. 83 mm x W. 83 mm x H. 75 mm

EdoKiriko Guinomi

69,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

☆ Edo-Kiriko "Shot glass"


Small glass can be used for serving liquor.

Its cutting makes it a exceptionally brilliant in coloration when drinking out of them.

Also, it is a perfect addition to your table setting.


Contain..... 1x shot glass
Color......... Red, Blue
Material.... glass

Capacity... 110 ml
Dimensions..... ø 56 mm x H. 100 mm 

Wooden Box... L. 80 mm x W. 85 mm x H. 120 mm 

EdoKiroko shotglass

69,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

About Manufacturer " TABURO Workshop", Tokyo/Japan

Taburo uses a handmade glass for all their glassware products. At the each process such as glassblowing, cutting, sandblasting and shining, are taken carefully one by one by skilled craftsmen.

 *Photo: Taburo Workshop in Tokyo.