Rice bowl "TAKO-karakusa"


🔸Dami (Shading), Underglazing (filling the patterns)

              *DAMI - outside                         * DAMI - inside

Have you ever heard the word of painting technique "Dami"?


"Dami (濃み)" is to fill the inside or outside of the outlined patterns with a special thick brush "Dami-brush". It is used for indigo and white designs drawn using the pigment "Gosu (呉須)" that turns blue from soil color after firing.


Unlike ordinary brushes, it covers a large area, so the Dami-brush is made extremely thick so that it can contain plenty of Gosu-paint. However, the tip of the brush is quite thin shape, unique to Arita porcelain production for underglaze painting. By squeezing or loosening the brush with your fingertips, the amount of liquid discharged from the brush tip is adjusted like a dropper, and the hue is delicately expressed.


By painting with a certain rhythm, it is possible to express the shade of Gosu like a pattern. This technique of expressing the shades of colors with Dami brush is one of the skills that requires certain training.

*GOSU (呉須) and Dami-brush

What is Gosu?

Gosu is a blue pigment that has traditionally been used for ceramics, such as blue and white ware.

Thought to have been brought from China to Arita, Japan in the early Edo period, Gosu is now widely used for ceramics, not only in specific production areas.

Unlike other pigments, Gosu Blue does not fade, as the pigment is put on unglazed pottery.


◆ Rice bowl "Tako Karakusa" green, red




Pattern: ”TAKO KARAKUSA" 蛸唐草


The literal meaning is ”octopus arabesque”.

A type of arabesque pattern.

Simplified leaves are attached to the outside of the spirally wound vine. It is commonly called the octopus arabesque pattern because it is just like the sucker of the octopus's foot.

☆ Rice bowl "Tako Karakusa" green

Hand paited Arita ware


[ Variation ]   

     Green Arabesque

     Red Arabesque
[ Größe (ca.)/ size (approx.) ]      

     Green: Φ. 12,5 cm x H. 7 cm

         Red: Φ 11 cm x H. 6 cm   

[ Gewicht (ca.)/ weight (approx.) ]       
     Green: 200 g

         Red: 145 g

[ Material/ material ]       Porzellan/ Porcelain

[ Brand]      Fukuda Touki

[ Hergestellt/ origin ]       Arita, Saga/Japan



- Mikrowellengeeignet 

- Spülmachinengeeignet 


- Microwave-safe

- Dishwasher-safe 



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Tako Karakusa green

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