Bento box

Japanese BENTO box has a long history of over 400 years as a meal carrying instrument. Nowadays, it's known both in Japan and abroad, they're the popular, compartmentalized containers filled with rice, vegetables, meat and more, eaten by kids and grownups alike.




Originally, bamboo skin and leaves were used to carry and cover food,  

keeping it fresh and protecting it from bacteria. Most these were disposable. In the earliest records of packed lunches in Japan, people typically carried around dried rice (called “kareii”), which was eaten either in its dried state , or after being rehydrated with cold or hot water.


During the Edo era, under the Sankin Kotai "alternate attendance" system, Daimyo (feudal lords) were obligated to alternate their residences on a regular basis between Edo and their domain. Thanks to this system, many samurai travelled throughout Japan, bringing many creative bento boxes along with them.


Another factor that contributed to the popularization of bento boxes is Japanese classical theatre, such as Kabuki, Kyogen and Bunraku. Because these acts were quite long, people ate bento during the intermission, creating the term .“Makunouchi Bento”(between act-bento). Therefore, bento is said to have derived its name from the fact that the audience ate it during intermission.



Here are single or double-Tier containers, and small to large capacity, in a variety of colors.

Also, we have cutlery set and chopstick-Set as the matching item for carrying bento-box.  

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Find your favorite Bento box! 



* All Bento boxes and accessories are produced by the manufacturer : TATSUMIYA/ Ishikawa Pref. Japan 

  (Brand: HAKOYA) 

◆ 1-Tier Bento box


Seigaiha means "blue ocean waves." This pattern has been used throughout history to adorn temple halls, represent waves on old maps and decorate costumes in ancient gagaku court dances. It is considered a symbol of peace, good luck, and good fortune.



☆ Bento Box "Ocean Waves" / 1-Tier, 480ml

480ml capacity, oval Bento Box with the traditional Japanese textile pattern "Seigaiha (blue ocean waves)" on the lid. 

Incl. an inner tray, an internal sealing lid, and an elastic Band for a secure closure.


480 ml Fassungsvermögen, ovales Bento Box mit dem traditionellen japanischen Textilmuster "Seigaiha (blaue Ozeanwelle)" auf dem Deckel. 

Inkl. ein Innenbehälter, ein interner Verschlussdeckel und Elastischband für den sicheren Verschluß.


【Inhalt / contents】        1x Bento box, 1x Innendeckel, 1x innenbehälter, 1x Band

【Material / material】    Kunststoff

                                              (Box: ABS,  Innendeckel: Poloethylen,  Innenbehälter: Polypropylen)

【Größe / Size】               L. 16,2 x B. 11,3 x H. 5,9 cm

【Volumen / Capacity】  480 ml

【Hergestellt / Made in】Ishikawa, Japan


*microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. (except outer- and inner lids)

**Temperature compatible limit: container, tray (-20℃ - + 140℃), Inner lid (-20℃- +60℃)  

*Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinenfest (Außer Innendeckel und Außendeckel) 

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box, Innenbehälter (-20℃ - +140℃), Innendeckel (-20℃- +60℃)

"Seigaiha" 480ml

23,90 €

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"Asanoha" (hemp leaf)" is one of the most popular Japanese traditional patterns. Asanoha depicts a geometric design of hemp leaves In spite of its name, however, the pattern did not borrow motif from a plant. It is a geometric design with six diamond-shaped patternsarranged in a radial manner. Since hemp grows quickly, it was customary to use Asanoha for children's clothes, in hopes that the child would also grow fast and strong.


☆ Bento Box "Asanoha" / 1-Tier, 800ml

An understated charcoal grey bento box covered with "Asanoha (hemp leaf)" pattern over the lid. The 1-Tier Bento box features one spacious compartment with a removable inner tray. The holding capacity is adequate for a single adult-sized lunch. The lid is with silicone seals and valve for pressure control, making it easy to open the lid.

Incl. an inner tray and an elastic black Band for a secure closure.


Eine schicke charkohlgraue Bentobox mit einem "Asanoha (Hanfblatt)" Muster auf dem Deckel. Die 1-Stufiges Bento Box verfügt über ein geräumiges Fach mit einem herausnehmbaren Innenbehälter. Die Aufnahmekapazität ist ausreichend für ein einzelnes Mittagessen in Erwachsenen. Der Deckel hat eine Silikondichtungen und einem Ventil zur Druckregelung ausgestattet, so dass der Deckel leicht geöffnet werden kann.

Inkl. einer Innenbehälter und ein schwarzes Elastischband für den sicheren Verschluss.


【Inhalt / contents】        1x Bento box, 1x Innenbehälter, 1x Band

【Material / material】     Kunststoff (Box: ABS,  Innenbehälter: Polypropylen) 

【Größe / Size】                L. 18,7 x B. 11,9 x H. 5 cm

【Volumen / Capacity】   ca. 800 ml

【Hergestellt / Made in】 Ishikawa, Japan 


*The whole Bento box is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

**Temperature compatible limit: box, Inner tray (-20℃ - + 140℃), silicone ring (-20℃- +230℃) 

*Die ganze Bento box ist Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinengeeignet.  

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box, Innenbehälter (-20℃ - +140℃), Silikondichtungen (-20℃- +230℃) 


30,80 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

◆ 2-Tier Bento box

☆ Bento Box "Sakura Wood grain" slim / 2-Tier, 560ml

The sakura wood grain slim Bento Box features two stacking white containers and the outer lid decorated with elegant white cherry blossoms atop a woodgrain background. Each container has a silicone lid to seal the compartment. 

incl. a matching white elastic band to hold everything together. 


Sakura Slim Bento Box besteht zwei stüfige weiße Behälter mit einen Außendeckel der mit eleganten weißen Kirschblüten auf einem Hintergrund aus Holzmaserung verziert ist. Jeder Behälter kann extra mit einem Deckel verschlossen werden.

inkl. ein passendes weißes Gummiband, um alles zusammenzuhalten. 


【Inhalt / contents】        1x Bento box (*2-Behälter), 2x Innendeckel, 1x Band

【Material / material】    Kunststoff (Box: ABS,  Innendeckel: Polypropylen)

【Größe / Size】                L. 17 x B. 6,3 x H. 7,9 cm

【Volumen / Capacity】   Total 560 ml (pro Box: 280 ml)

【Hergestellt / Made in】 Ishikawa, Japan 


*microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. (except inner lids)

**Temperature compatible limit: box (-20℃ - + 140℃), Inner lid (-20℃- +60℃) 

*Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinenfest (Außer Innendeckel) 

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box (-20℃ - +140℃), Innendeckel (-20℃- +60℃)

Sakura mokume white"

25,60 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

☆ Bento Box "Akane-Sakura, slim" / 2-Tier, 840ml

Thin square box style with two stacking tiers. Top container features a removable inner divider and an unique silicone lid that can fit a pair of chopsticks (sold separately). The exterior of the box has a deep red shimmering color, and is artfully decorated with the cherry blossom petals running down the sides of the two compartments from the top of the lid. That's elegantly finished by urushi and maki-e techniques.

incl. a food divider, internal sealing lids for each layer, and a elastic Band. 


2-Stüfiges slim Bento Box. Der obere Behälter verfügt über einen abnehmbaren Trennwand und einen Silikondeckel, in den ein Paar Essstäbchen passt (separat erhältlich). Die Außenseite des Box ist in einer schimmernden, tiefroten Farbe gehalten und kunstvoll mit Kirschblütenblättern verziert, die an den Seiten der beiden Fächer von der Oberseite des Deckels herunterlaufen. Das wird elegant durch Urushi und Maki-E-Techniken gefertigt.

inkl. einem Trennwand, interne Dichtungsdeckel für jede Schicht, und ein Gummiband.


【Inhalt / contents】       1x Bento box (*2-Stüfig), 1x Trennwand, 2x Innendeckel, 1x Band

【Material / material】    Kunststoff

                                             (Box: ABS,  Innendeckel: Polyethylen,  Trennwand: Polypropylen) 

【Größe / Size】               L. 22 x B. 6,5 x H. 9,6 cm

【Volumen / Capacity】   Total 840 ml (pro Box 420 ml)

【Hergestellt / Made in】 Ishikawa, Japan


*microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. (except inner lids)

**Temperature compatible limit: box, partition (-20℃ - + 140℃), Inner lid (-20℃- +60℃) 

*Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinenfest (Außer Innendeckel) 

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box, Trennwand (-20℃ - +140℃), Innendeckel (-20℃- +60℃)

"Akane-Sakura, slim" 2-tier

31,00 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

☆ Bento Box "Wappa Wood Tone - red" / 2-Tier, 900ml

Chic and minimalistic wood toned bento box Inspired by classic Japanese Wappa Bento box. The oval 2-Tier Bento box has a traditional aesthetic of a wood grain that is made of the durable plastic for easy to care. The upper container has a tight fitting sealing lid to ensure freshness. The entire thing is kept together with a matching elastic band. 


Schicke und minimalistische Bento-Box in Holzoptik, Inspiriert von der klassischen japanischen Wappa Bento Box. Die ovale 2-stufige Bento Box hat die traditionelle Ästhetik einer Holzmaserung, die aus strapazierfähigem und pflegeleichtem Kunststoff besteht. Der obere Behälter hat einen Dichtungsdeckel, um die Frische zu halten. Mit einem Gummiband, um alles zusammenzuhalten. 


【Inhalt / contents】       1x Bento box (*2-Behälter), 1x Innendeckel, 1x Band

【Material / material】    Kunststoff (Box: ABS,  Innendeckel: EVA)  

【Größe / Size】               L. 17 x B. 9,5 x H. 8,5 cm

【Volumen / Capacity 】 Total 900 ml (pro Box: 450ml)

【Hergestellt / Made in】Ishikawa, Japan


*microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. (except inner lids)

**Temperature compatible limit: box (-20℃ - + 140℃), Inner lid (-20℃ - + 60℃)

*Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinenfest (Außer Innendeckel) 

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box (-20℃ - +140℃), Innendeckel (-20℃- +60℃)

"NURI wappa red" 2-tier

28,90 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

What does "Itadakimasu" mean? 

Generations after generations, they are taught to put their hands together and say “Itadakimasu!” before eating the delicious-looking food in front of their eyes.

Somehow roughly translated by “Let’s eat!” in the Western culture, but it's a little different. 


Itadakimasu is a very polite and respectful form of “moraimasu” (to receive) or “tabemasu” (to eat). “Itadakimasu” can be translated into “I humbly receive”. It is an expression of gratitude for the food you received and the people who made it.

Before starting their meal family would repeat this phrase. The custom, still important and children learn the expression from a very young age at school.

☆ Bento Box "itadakimasu" / 2-Tier, 1000ml

The large capaciy (total 1000 ml) "Itadakimasu Bento Box" is patterned with an illustration of a rice bowl and chopsticks along with the phrase 'Itadakimasu' written in Japanese. This bento features two tiers, each with their own leak resistant sealing lid. 

incl. a removable inner divider and a black elastic band.


Die "Itadakimasu Bento Box" mit großem Fassungsvermögen (Gesamtvolumen 1000 ml) hat einer Illustration mit Reisschüssel, Essstäbchen, und zusammen mit der auf Japanisch geschriebenen Phrase "I-ta-da-ki-ma-su" gemustert. Dieses Bento-box verfügt über zwei Etagen, jede mit einem eigenen Innen-Verschlussdeckel.

inkl. ein abnehmbarer Partition und ein schwarzes Gummiband.


【 Inhalt / contents】       1x Bento box (*2-Behälter), 2x Innendeckel, 1x Trennwand, 1x Band

【 Material / material】    Kunststoff (Box: ABS,  Innendeckel: EVA,  Trennwand: Polyproylen)

【 Größe / Size】               L. 18,2  x B. 9,7 x H. 9,5 cm

【 Volumen / Capacity 】 Total 1000 ml (pro Box: 500 ml)

【Hergestellt / made in】Ishikawa, Japan


*microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. (except inner lids)

**Temperature compatible limit: box, partition (-20℃ - + 140℃), Inner lid (-20℃- +60℃)

*Mikrowellengeeignet, und Spülmaschinenfest (Außer Innendeckel) 

**Temperatur Verträglich bis: Box, Trennwand (-20℃ - +140℃), Innendeckel (-20℃- +60℃)

"itadakimasu" 2-Tier Bento

29,90 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

◆ Note

  1.  All of products using by BPA-free plastics.
  2. "Microwave safe" means : maximum 2 minutes at 700 watts
  3. Most items come with a rubber band or/and sealing inner lid. However, we recommend transporting your salad dressings and sauces in a separate container to avoid accidental leaks.
  4. When packing food into a bento box, allow the food to cool before covering it with a lid for hygiene reasons.


  1. Material:  Kunststoff ist alles frei von BPA-Stoffen.
  2. Mikrowellengeeignet bedeutet : maximal 2 Minuten bei 700 Watt
  3. Die meisten Bento-box verfügt mit einem Gummiband oder/und einem Innendeckel. Wir empfehlen jedoch, Salatdressings oder Soßen in einem separaten Behälter zu transportieren, um versehentliche Undichtigkeiten zu vermeiden.
  4. Es ist auch aus hygienischen Gründen wichtig! Beim Verpackung in eine Bento-box, lassen Sie sie abkühlen, bevor mit einem Deckel abdecken.

◆ about manufacturer ◆


In 1949, the company TATSUMIYA SHIKKI was established in Ishikawe Prefecture. At first, they mainly produced lacquer tableware using wood but have gradually moved towards plastic lacquerware which can be massed produced.


In 1990, the brand “HAKOYA” bento business fully started with a designer group. Hakoya transformed the bento industry from bulky and shapeless bento boxes to colorful 2-tiered bento boxes. They are the first to offer a wide range of bento box products from traditional Japanese styles to modern styles.