"Magewappa" Bento box- 曲げわっぱ弁当箱

A Japanese BENTO box has a long history of over 400 years as a meal carrying instrument. Nowadays, it's known both in Japan and abroad, they're the popular, compartmentalized containers filled with rice, vegetables, meat and more, eaten by kids and grownups alike.

Many of them are colorful, plastic boxes that are well designed with small compartments for different food items. Being plastic, they are easy to maintain, but wooden bento boxes are increasingly becoming popular among bento connoisseurs around the world. Most traditional of all is "Magewappa" Bento Box.  



◆ MageWappa Only for Real Bento Connoisseurs ◆

"Magewappa" is a traditional craft made by bending very thin strips of forest-grown Japanese cedar into functional objects, and is created as a container for grains and sake. The product is especially popular as a lunch box, because any excess moisture of rice or hot food is absorbed by the cedar wood to maintain an ideal humidity for the contents of the bento.
Also, the features of this type of bento box are the beautiful grain, color and pleasant aroma of the cedar and the classical design, making the Magewappa popular amongst all Japanese, regardless of age or gender.



Magewappa Bento Boxes by Wakacho co., are an easy to handle, coated with a thin layer of polyurethane paint. Compared to the box without caoting, it is more durable and easier to maintain - easy to wash, easy to dry off, and does not stain easily. This also means it's very hygienic. (For care instruction, you can find at lower of this page.)


◆ feature 1: nanotec polyurethane coating 

Wakacho's Magewappa Bento boxes are coated with nanoparticle leveled polyurethane to enhance durability.  Long-lasting water repellency and durability are its characteristic, and can hold even oily Bento items. 

◆ feature 2: Round corner by hand finishing 

Using the natural cedars as a material. The craftsmen carefully shaved out the wood, assembled one by one, and processed it into a round finish with smooth curves. 

*enjoy making Bento!

◆ making process ◆

Cedar wood is split into narrow boards, then are immersed in boiling water and bent around a wooden form at multiple times before the board is pegged into shape and left to dry.

Slivers of thinly-planed mountain cherry bark are to be used as fasteners for the cedar slices. Cherry bark closures also serve as decorative elements.

All finishing touches are executed by hand. 

◆ 2 type of Magewappa Bento Boxes




☆ Magewappa Bento Box "classic"

A beautiful, artisanal wooden bento-box. This traditional handcrafted "magewappa" is oval shape, a standard type. The included inner removable divider helps you to separate foods, and an elastic band to help keep the box together. 

Comes in a gift box. 


- Inhalt / contents... 1x Bento box with removable Partition, 1x Rubber band,

- Material / material... Holz (Zeder), Polyurethanbeschichtung / wood (Cedar), polyurethane coating

- Größe(ca.) / Size (approx.)... W.180 x D. 135 x H. 66 mm / 195 g

- Capacity (approx.)... 700 ml

- Verpackung / packaging... gift box

- Hersteller / Manufacturer... Wakacho, Wakayama/Japan

- Hergestellt in Japan / made in Japan


Magewappa Bento Box "Classic"

49,50 €

☆ Magewappa Bento Box "Slim 2-Tier"

Two-tier bento box with a fitted colored lid is a combination of Japanese traditional craft and contemporary design. It's unique shape and the brilliant red color of the lid is clearly visible and emphasizes the stylish design.

The two containers are neatly stackable, then when you’re done eating you can place the upper container inside the lower one to save space.

The top container holds 300ml and the bottom holds 400ml.

Includes a band to secure the containers and comes in gift box.


- color... natural, Lid: red

- Inhalt / contents... 1x Bento box (*2-containers), 1x Rubber band

- Material / material... Holz (Zeder), Polyurethanbeschichtung / wood (cedar), polyurethane coating

- Größe(ca.) / Size (approx.)... W. 172 x D. 75 x H. 95 mm / 130g

- Kapazität (ca.) / Capacity (approx.)... Total 700 ml (top container 300ml/ bottom 400ml)

- Verpackung / packaging... gift box

- Hersteller / Manufacturer... Wakacho, Wakayama/Japan

- Hergestellt in Japan / made in Japan


Magewapa Bento Box "Slim 2-Tier"

68,50 €

  • Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage *1 / Ships within 1-3 working days *1

◆ Attention / Achtung

● Microwave ovens, dishwashers and dryers can not be used.
● Do not soak in water for a long time.
   After washing, do natural drying, avoiding direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight may cause discoloration or deformation.)
● Because of natural wood, not have the same wood grain and color.


● Nicht geeignet für Spülmaschinen und Mikrowelle.
● Lassen Sie es nicht für längere Zeit in Wasser.

    Bitte vor Sonneneinstrahlung schützen. (kann zu Verfärbungen oder Verformungen führen sein.)
● Aufgrund von natürlichen Holzprodukte, keine gleiche Holzmaserung und Farbe haben.

◆ Care / Pfrege

【After use】    With proper care, this box will last for many years!! 

- Wash gently by using cloth or soft sponge in lukewarm soapy water.

  *Do not use anything abrasive such as scouring pads.
  **Do not leave immersed in water for a long time.
- After washing, wipe off any excess water with a soft cloth, then leave the box to dry completely.
- Store in a cool, dry place, to keep way from direct sunlight.


【Pflege nach jedem Gebrauch】    Bei richtiger Pflege hält diese Box viele Jahre !!

-  Bitte mit weichem Tuch oder weichen Schwamm in lauwarmem Seifenwasser waschen.

   * Bitte Metallbrüste oder einem Scheuerschwamm nicht verwenden.
   ** Bitte nicht lange im Wasser liegen lassen.
- Nach Waschen, wischen überschüssiges Wasser mit einem weichen Tuch ab und trocknen die Schachtel vollständig.
- Kühl und trocken lagern und direktes Sonnenlicht vermeiden.

◆ about manufacturer ◆


Wakacho's workshop is located in Nankai City, Wakayama Prefecture (since ancient time called "Kishu" domain), known for producing high-quality Japanese lacquerware Shikki.

They produce a variety of wooden tableware with the concept of supporting a more friendly life. While maintenance the true beauty of traditional Japanese craft, they create the unique tableware that  focuses on the modern lifestyle.