Small Stand Mirror / kleine Schminktisch

himekagami standmirror

A small stand mirror with a drawer space for your Rings, Necklace, Earrings...


This item is miniature vers. of a Japanese traditional style house interior

 鏡台 "KYOUDAI" (Kyou= mirror, dai= stand), a low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup, in her room.

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◆ Size (approx.):

       body... ca. 24 cm x 10,5 cm x 6 cm

       mirror... ca. 14,2 cm x 7 cm

◆ Material:

       body... jujuba wood (made in China)

       fabric... Polyester (made in Japan)

◆ finished with wipe-lacquer

◆ Fabric apron is removable




 The picture shows just for an image;

       - pattern of the fabric may slightly differ  from the picture shows. 


       - a smaller one is available on our shop.  

        If you have an interest for bigger one, please contact us 👉 CONTACT






☆ Small stand mirror ☆


1) Model "TSUBAKI"

     Motif : Japanese Camellia

     color : red & white Camellia

                 black in background 

2) Model "OOGI"

    Motif : Japanese fun in flower river

    color :  flowers...white,

                 lime-green in background 

3) Model "MANGEKYO"

     Motif : Kaleidoscope

     color : multicolor, mainly pink               


*select a fabric pattern

Small stand mirror

34,00 €

◆ about manufacturer ◆

In 1830, at the end of the Edo period, Tsunoda Seibee Shoten was established as a specialty store of Kishu lacquerware in Kainan, Wakayama Prefecture. (The current company is operated by seventh generation.)


Tsunoda Seibee Shoten is a well-established wholesale house that has been working with many companies, factories, craftsmen to create quality products since the end of the Edo period, around 190 years ago. Their products are simple, and the wood theme makes for a very warm design. Now, It is operated by Tsunoda Seibee, seventh generation.