Small art glass

These tiny figurine glass "goldfish" and a small fish bowl are perfect items for miniature art glass collectors. 

These are also ideal as fish themed decorative items.

☆ Small art glass Goldfish ☆



- "Kingyo" (goldfish) with Seaweed -


This little glass figurine is a hand-created art glass which is

made of colored glass with lampworking technique.


size... approx. L 50mm x W 35mm x H 45mm

packing in original box


11,50 €

☆ Small Fish Bowl ☆



-clear glass body with frilly edge a red color rim- 


Classic drum style with ruffled edge small bowl measures

approximately 8 cm height from loop to base and 10 cm

in center diameter, 5cm in bottom diameter.

This is Just the size for a tiny little swimmer and also perfect for;

 - terrarium

 - crafts

 - Fish Tank Ornament / aquarium decoration

 - candy bowl

 - accessory container


size... approx. Ø 90 mm (neck), Ø 100 mm (center) x H 95 mm

packing in original box

Fish bowl

9,80 €

Put goldfish figurine into the fish bowl! These two items are just fit size.

They're the blank canvas, just waiting for your decorative touch!