SENSU - folding fan - Handfächer

Japanese summers are often spent in damp humidity. Since long ago, Japanese people have gotten through these sometimes unbearable summers with the help of "Sensu (Japanese folding fans)". They can help you to cool down not just by waving and blowing the air, but also by their refreshing cool patterns or transparent material.

Sensu are a type of fan built from frame of bamboo or wood sticks attached at a single pivot point (called a "kaname"), with paper or cloth attached to the frame. Sensu made by Japanese craftsmen, on the other hand, fold perfectly with a nice, sharp sound.

Eye-catching Japanese beautiful patterns also make them as fashion accessories or decoration object.


◆ Sensu Craftsmanship
Sensu are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Each process is divided into highly specialized tasks and Sensu are the culmination of expert skills and fine handcrafting.
Sensu were first crafted in Kyoto, which was Japan's imperial capital during Heian period. Nowadays, other cities also developed and spread its own traditional Sensu throughout Japan. To preserve the craft Japanese has inherited for generations, artisan still craft Sensu. They also incorporate contemporary styles into orders from fashion designers and younger customers and collaborate with young artists.


◆ Add a touch of elegance with a delicate fragrance

Sensu fans can also be enjoyed for their scent. Scented woods such as sandalwood or Japanese cypress release a delicate fragrance when you fan yourself. We also recommend adding your favorite scent by storing your fan with some incense or spraying it with a little perfume.


☆ Japanese Folding Fan with Ukiyo-e Hokusai motif

22cm long, 30 sticks by using the Karaki dyed bamboo bones folding fan.


[Material]... (fan) Karaki dyed bamboo, Polyester / (bag) artificial leather

[Number of bones]... 30 sticks

[Length, closed]... approx. 22 cm

[Width, opened]... approx. 39 cm

Sigle-sided print 

Bones of fan... made in China, / Fan, Finishing... in Japan

Manufacturer... Yamax Co., Ltd. Fukui/Japan


Unfold the Sensu fan, and a stylish Ukiyo-e by Katsushika Hokusai, a famous Ukiyo-e artist of the Edo Period appears. A printed painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is one of the foremost masterpieces and most wellknown of all the ukiyo-e landscape compositions.

This Sensu is made of Bamboo and Cloth. The cloth is pasted on one side of ribs. The brisk snapping sound it makes when folded is also cool. 
To open a sensu, hold it with your left hand and spread it slowly sliding to the right. When closing it, fold the each lines from the left. 

* Set your fan bag for carrying or storage.

* Individual packaging in gift box as little luxury gifts are available.


Faltbarer Handfächer, 22 cm lang, 30 St. Karaki-Bambusstreben mit Fabric überzogen. Entfalten Sie den Sensu-Fan und ein stilvoller Ukiyo-e von Katsushika Hokusai, einem berühmten Ukiyo-e-Künstler der Edo-Zeit, erscheint. Das gedruckte „Die große Welle vor Kanagawa“ ist eines der bedeutendsten Meisterwerke und die bekannteste aller Ukiyo-e-Landschaftskompositionen.

Der Stoff ist auf einer Seite der Bambus-Rippen geklebt. Das flotte Schnappgeräusch beim Zusammenklappen ist auch cool. Um ein Sensu zu öffnen, halten Sie es mit der linken Hand und spreizen Sie es langsam nach rechts. Um zu schließen, falten Sie die einzelnen Zeilen von links.

* Inkl. schwarze Tasche aus Kunstleder

* Im Geschenkkarton verpackt, da kleine Luxusgeschenke erhältlich sind.

Japanese Folding fan SENSU-Hokusai

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