Slim tapestry

◆10cm x 170cm slim & long

The new slim-line wall hanging scroll "Slim Tapestry" has a traditional motif such as beautiful flower, birds, and scenery are hand-dyeing brilliantly on a 10 x 170 cm-long of Ramie-Linen.

Various elements and colors on the tapestries have an great impact to the atmosphere in your place. You can change the decoration every season with a single tapestry to enjoy your eyes and appropriate to the season. It would also be gorgeous to combine and decorate some tapestry side-by-side.


* Rolled up and put in a box when not being used.
* A weight on the end for straighten hanging 


* String for hanging on the wall


No.1) MAIKO sold out/Ausverkauft

A Maiko-girl wearing a traditional Kimono costume, walks along a cobbled path.


"The Lion Dance" is one of the popular performance by the Kabuki actor.


A dynamic scene of rising up a dragon from the ocean with splashes.



Flowering magnolia covered with beautiful deep pink blossoms and fresh buds.




Floating autumn leaves on Tatsutagawa-River in Kyoto has been often used as a visual form in painting, design motif and poems.


sold out/Ausverkauft

Pond filled with lotus flowers. The beautiful aquatic flowering plants with their graceful forms, can feel anyone with serenity.


sold out/Ausverkauft

"Hibiscus coccineus" in full bloom have  impressive red petals, green leaves and cute buds.

No.8) PAGODA  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

Autumn leaves and five-storied pagoda in silhouette. A tasteful autumn Kyoto. 


No.9) SATOZAKURA  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

Hand-painted wild cherry blossom "Satozakura" looks like a sensitive ink painting style.  

No.10) Rabbit's treasure bag  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

Lovely rabbits pulling up a bag full of treasures.

No.11) Kingfisher On Lotus  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

A pale-colored lotus flower and a vivid kingfisher touch a refreshing atmosphere.

No.12) TSUKIMISOU  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

Japanese "Oenothera" flower blooms in the moonlight with a touch of fantasy.

No.13) ZAKURO  new!

sold out/Ausverkauft

Hand-painted pomegranate in purple gradation by distinctive brush stroke create a chic atmosphere.

☆ Slim Tapestry

No. 1) [MAIKO] Sold out / Ausverkauft

No. 2) [KABUKI]

No. 3) [DRAGON] 

No.4) [MAGNOLIA]  


No.6) [LOTUS]  Sold out / Ausverkauft

No.7) [MOMIJI-AOI]  Sold out / Ausverkauft

No. 8) [PAGOODA]  Sold out / Ausverkauft

No. 9) [SATOZAKURA]  Sold out / Ausverkauft

No.10) [Rabbit's Treasure Bag] Sold out / Ausverkauft

No. 11) [Kingfisher On Lotus] Sold out / Ausverkauft

No.12) [TSUKIMISOU]  Sold out / Ausverkauft

No.13) [ZAKURO]  Sold out / Ausverkauft


Material/Material..... Linen, wood (rod) / Leinen, Holz (Stange) 

Size (approx.) / Größe (ca.)....... 10 cm x 170 cm, 125g

* delivered in a white box (box size..... L. 8 cm x W. 6 cm x H. 12,5 cm)

Manufacturer/ Hersteller... Le Ciel Japan Co., Ltd., Kyoto/Japan

Made in China 

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Slim Tapestry -hanging scroll -

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about manufacturer

- Kyoto-Rakushian - Le ciel japan co., ltd. -


"Kyoto-Rakushian" is a brand produced by Le Ciel Japan.They focuses on the traditional short curtain "noren", a colorful hand-dyed representation of the four seasons of Japan, as well as tapestries and a variety of interior items. The products are manufactured using various traditional dyeing techniques such as wax dyeing (”rōketsuzome”), stencil dyeing (”Katazome”), brush dyeing ("hikizome"), batik dyeing and so on, which have been cultivated in Japan for a long time.