Tatami mini display mat

Tatami mats are now widely used for hanging displays. They are hung on the walls just like a patterned rug or quilt will be mounted, but tatami mats show quite tones and beautiful textures and also add to the ambience of the room.

A lot of tatami mats are made and used as pottery decoration and as carrying trays.

Artists have taken to using tatami mats for exquisite paintings and craftwork display surfaces. Home décor items made on tatami mats are available readily in the market. However since tatami mats are handmade, the price of tatami mats and their décor items is quite high as compared to other everyday items.


The placing of objects in any alcove for an art display or the construction of gardens in Japan are considered from eye level of anyone seated on a tatami mat


Authentic tatami mats perfect for display with any your decoration!


The latest addition to the Tatami pad series are mini-sized tatami mats perfect to display together with your favorite doll, vase, ikebana, tee---  ! Even though the mats are miniaturized down, they are still made from authentic rush grass, bringing the fresh scent and unique texture of tatami mats into your world! The tatami mats are available in green, black and ichimatsu-green variations, allowing you to choose the color that better suits your collection!

☆ Tatami pad hanadai - green-


(Usually tatami mats are made of rice straw which forms its core but nowadays other materials like polystyrene foam and compressed wooden chip boards

are also being used to make the cores of tatami mats.)


material…  Tatami; ポリプロピレン、炭酸カルシウム他、

      縁; ポリエチレン、ポリプロピレン、ポリエステル、

                   core; 木材チップ

size........... L 14x W 12 x  H 1,5 cm

weight...... 75 g

made in Japan 

15,00 €

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