extra light neck Towel

Innovative extra light weight cotton towel

specialized in the use for outdoor, fitness, Yoga, Gym, travel


Features 1: water-absorbent 

Extra light towel is composed with cotton weaving yarn made by twisting three different types of single yarns as the weft. It is a reason for its high water absorbency and a smooth texture.


Features 2: quick-drying

Dries quickly and could be reducing sweaty discomfort. 


Features 3: Compact 

Only 31g of the weight (about 1/3 of a common face towel), easy to carry.

Features 4: chic Design

The item has both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Towel's design are registered under the Registration-No. 1570403. 


☆ Extra Light Neck Towel ☆

*Best Use: Fitness, Yoga, Gym, Hiking, Camping, Travel

The soft and thin cotton fabric is light and compact, it takes up little space in the bag.
High absorbency is achieved because it is made of three different types of yarns as the weft.


Material: 100% cotton

color variation.......... blue/white, orange/white

Dimensions............... 33 cm x 100 cm

Weight....... approximately 31 g

packaging in original bag (22 cm x 15 cm)

made in Japan

care: Machine wash at low temperature (30 °C), Do not tumble dry.



*Empfohlene Verwendungszweck: Fitness, Yoga, Fitnessstudio, Wandern, Camping oder Reisen

Ein schmales und leicht Handtuch für den Sport mit einer herausragenden Besonderheit: Leichtigkeit und Saugfähigkeit. Dies wird durch der Hergestellt des Gewebes mit drei verschiedenen Garnenarten als Schuss erreicht.

Nur 31g, das Handtuch ist licht zu tragen. Es saugt den beim Sport unweigerlich und sinnvollerweise entstehenden Schweiß auf.

Und auch das Tuch trocknet schnell, wirkt verschwitzte Beschwerden reduzieren.

Das Handtuch ist sowohl praktisch als auch ästhetisch ansprechend.


Material.......... 100% Baumwolle

Farbe.............. blau/weiß oder orange/weiß Lieferbar

Maße............. ca. 33 cm x 100 cm

Gewicht........ ca. 31 g

Verpackung in original klare Tasche (ca. 22 cm x 15 cm)

hergestellt in Japan

Waschbar bei 30 °C. Nicht in den Trockner geben.


Extra Light Neck Towel

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about manufacturer

STYLEM CO., LTD. is a corporate company launched by Takisada-Osaka Co., Ltd. one of Japan’s largest wholesale companies that has carried its business in the textile field for more than 150 years.

STYLEM, newly established in 2015 has subsequently succeeded headquarters textile and garment business, and focused on business with major apparel brands for department stores, steadily improved the performance.