48cm Furoshiki  & Tapestry

Furosiki size : 48cm x 48cm

 - 48cm x 48cm furoshikis are the smallest in the range and are ideal for wrapping the perfect gift for someone special.

   Also a just right size for a Bento-Box or for a book cover wrapping.


"UKIYO-E" art series

Based on the original Japanese woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai, Kitagawa Utamaro and Toshusai Sharaku,

The famous artists and printmakers. This stylish Japanese print is guaranteed to add a touch of Japanese style to

any room and would make an ideal and affordable gift for someone with an appreciation of Japanese art!

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Artist's profile

Hokusai  (1760-1849) born in Edo, now Tokyo is best known as author of the Japanese woodblock print, landscape

series "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji". Hokusai produced his very first print at the age of 19.

At the beginning of his carrier, concentrated on prints of actors and beautiful women but none of them

were very notable. The character of Hokusai can be best described as restless: he changed his name

more than twenty times and his place of residence more than ninety times.

This restlessness is also reflected in the variety of his work. Hokusai finally achieved popular success

in the 1830s with his publication of landscape series "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji", which was so popular

that he later published 10 additional prints making a total set of 46. 


Utamaro (1753-1806), born in local province and went to Edo(Tokyo) around 1775.

It is very little known about the life of Utamaro, although there is a great deal of conjecture. Considered

by many to be the greatest of the Ukiyo-e artists, Utamaro's Okubi-e ("large head" close-up) portraits of

beautiful women marked an epoch in the evolution of "bijin-ga" (pictures of beautiful women).

Rather than depicting a feminine atmosphere typified by clothing or surroundings, however, Utamaro tried

to reproduce the beauty emphasis of the whiteness, softness and smoothness of female skin.


Sharaku  is perhaps an unusual example among the world's great artists:

he left a large number of masterpieces (mainly, portraits of Kabuki-actors) but the dates of his birth and

death and details of his carrier are buried in obscurity. Unconfirmed reports state that he started out as a

Noh actor employed by the lord of Awa province, and was active as a Ukiyo-e artist for only two years -

1794 and 1795.


”The Red Mt.Fuji”

from the series 36 Views of Mt.Fuji

by Hokusai    

furoshiki ukiyoe hokusai


"The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”

from the series 36 Views of Mt.Fuji

by Hokusai

furoshiki ukiyoe hokusai


"The Actor Otani Oniji III - as Edobei"  

by Sharaku


furoshiki ukiyoe sharaku


"Three Beauties"

by Utamaro      

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro


"Woman blowing a Glass Toy"       by Utamaro

furoshiki ukiyoe utamaro

☆ 48x48cm UKIYO-E Furoshiki


size........... 48 x 48 cm

material... 100% cotton


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10,50 €

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* material... slightly shiny cotton

furoshiki ukiyoe
*zoom in 4) "Three Beauties"
furoshiki ukiyoe
* zoom in 3) "The Actor Otani Oniji III"

Optional accessory for decorative wall hanging TAPESTRY

☆ Tapestry hanging rods


These sets of Tapestry Hanging Poles are specially designed for

hanging and displaying small Furoshiki. They comprise of two plastic

poles which are split in half which trap the top and bottom of the fabric

and cord which enables the fabric to be hung from the top and also

sealed around the bottom pole.


color........ black

material... Plastic

size (approx.)... length 54,5 cm,  Φ 1cm

5,00 €

  • Ships within 1-3 working days / Lieferbar innerhalb von 1-3 Werktage1