Technique of dyeing

- The pink color which lurks in SAKURA -


Cherry-pink pigment is containing in the twigs of Cherry tree before flowering.  

The most difficult of cherry dyeing is to find suitable twigs that have enough pigment can dye products pink. Blooming Cherry-pink color into the cloth, it is so hard work....


(1) collect SAKURA-twigs before the flower has bloomed.

     * We use twigs which came from prunting at private gardens or construction work

        in order to save a nature. 

(2) Selection

      The twigs are carefully classified and separated, then cut into small pieces.

(3) Extract the pink color

      put these pieces in a pot of water, boiling and cooling alternately for 30-40 days. 

      This process ncreases the pigment and removes other Bige-, orange pigment from twigs

      at the same time.

(4) Make a original stock solution of SAKURA-ZOME

      Furthermore, the dyeing liquid are matured for about 3 months.

      This makes the original soluciont of Sakura-Zome.

(5) Prior Mordanting

     Cloth (or yarn) is first soaked in a softening solution of camelia lye and rice vinegar,

     and wash it well.


(6) Make the dying liquid by diluting the original solution in hot boiled water.

      Put the cloth of (5) into the dyeing liquid, and dye in a short time. 

      Discard the rest of dyeing liquid (only one-time used!). 

(7) Dye again and again with another new dyeing liquid until getting the desired color.

(8) Rinse in cold water and dry it, then the process is completed!

Master craftsman - Yasuhisa Komuro -

yumekobo craftsman

 - Seeking the color of the "yearning" -


"... I am being fascinated by the color of the cherry blossom. The color heals the mind of the person which was hurt, let women to shine vividly, make people around to smile unwittingly. Because, this color is full of love. I have seen the color of a variety of plants and was involved in plant dyeing since many years, but I do not know any other such special color. This is a real reason why Japanese loves SAKURA since an ancient. 

The color of SAKURA is in every year different even though I use twig from same trees. I say encounter of favorite cherry color is ''once-in-a-lifetime chance"..., thats why I am continuing dying with SAKURA.... "      ... words by Y.Komuro, master craftsman